Reflection #547 – Sri Lanka Beach Life

Men carry a huge net on this Sri Lanka beach.
Sri Lanka Fishermen

As most Indian Ocean island nations, Sri Lanka has its fair share of pristine beaches. Here the fisherman are carrying a net. Does it need mending? Is it to replace the one on their boat? I didn’t see where they were going, but I found it interesting that it took four men to carry it.

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Fisherman are not the only people we saw on the beaches of Sri Lanka. There were families, lots of men walking, vendors, and waiters (bringing colorful umbrella drinks to customers).

There were boats. All kinds of boats. Some with huge billowing sails, some fishing trawlers, and some little row boats that were used for more then just getting from one point to another.

We saw animals on the beach. It seems as if cats are as drawn to beaches as humans are. You could argue that they are drawn to the fish, and this could be true, I’m sure, but all the ones I saw were sleeping on the beach. Sunbathing? Perhaps.

We also stopped at a turtle hatchery on one Sri Lanka beach not far from Galle. We were able to hold the babies and heard a great talk about turtle preservation.

Sri Lanka has such beautiful beaches that there are plenty of eateries, resorts, people, cows, and everything else on them. It’s fascinating to explore them to find the sublte differences of each one.

Have you been there? Would you like to go?

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