Soweto Tour, South Africa

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I’m not a big tour person, but I’d heard a lot about crime and danger in South Africa so I didn’t really want to go wandering into Soweto by myself. After landing in Johannesburg, I took a half day tour to Soweto. This is street scene from that day.

We did so much in that half day, with the highlight for me being a walk down Vilakazi Street. Vilakazi Street is known as the street to produce not one, but two Nobel Prize winners, Archbishop Desmond Tuto and Nelson Mandela. We even went into Nelson Mandela’s home. Awesome!

We also visited some churches, a township, and learned quite a bit of Soweto history. It was well worth donning my sheep’s hat and taking a tour for an afternoon. If you happen to be in vicinity, I would suggest you do it as well. I think you can book the tours even on a layover at the airport. How convenient is that?

There is so much to do in Johannesburg as well as in South Africa, and we want to do more. We have gotten some ideas from this itinerary.

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