South African Townships – Child Care Center

South African Child Care Center

South African Child Care Center

During our time visiting the gorgeous country of South Africa, we took a Soweto city tour. One of our very first stops was a township with little running water, no electricity or water sewage system.

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South African townships are dotted all over the country. Visiting one gives you the opportunity to get to know the country better.

As you can see from the photo, the buildings are made of corrugated tin and are only insulated with carboard boxes. The temperature ranges from too hot in summer to too cold in winter. Meantime this child care center has 30-40 children to care for with little supplies.

Much of the country is separated like this. There are beautiful cities, suburbs, country roads, country estates, wildlife parks, and then there are pockets of poverty. We passed townships pretty much everywhere we went.

Jim and I think it is always important to see as much of a country as we can, in whatever time we’ve allotted. To only go to the harbor at Cape Town, or some of the parks in South Africa, I don’t think really gives you a complete feel for the country. We learned a lot on our Soweto tour and can recommend you to take one.

Other great things to do in South Africa include:
Going to the southernmost tip of the continent in Aghulhas
Driving the Western Cape
Visiting some of the game parks and reserves
Eating fantastic food in Cape Town and some of the other towns we visited.


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