Slip-sliding Away in Pamukkale

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Cotton-candy travertines of Pamukkale.

If you’ve ever opened a tourist website or guide book on Turkey, you couldn’t have missed the images of the white, cascading travertines of Pamukkale.  Pamuk meaning cotton, and kale meaning castle, the name does little to conjure up the vision of these surreal pools of brilliant blue water and marshmallow walls teeming with Russian tourists.  (I think there were other tourists there too, but the Russians were so fascinating to watch with their Playboy bunny poses and loud, pushy voices, that they were all we could notice).

A unique geological feature with some impressive Hellinistic ruins of the city of Hieropolis, and the chance to cool off as you wade through the waters, Pamukkale is a popular destination.  It has also been named a UNESCO World Heritage site, so therefore the entry cost is a paltry 20 Tl. per person.

Taking this all into consideration, it was a pretty neat place to go.  After walking on the abrasive sedimentary white rock and slipping and sliding through its sand, our feet felt wonderful and we enjoyed the novelty of experiencing something completely different than the rest of Turkey.
To get there you drive a mere 18 kilometers from Denizli, which is famous for its cotton (go figure), and especially its Turkish towels.  It’s well worth a quick visit.

Have you ever been to Pamukkale?


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