I’m Showing my April!

Showing my April


April was a very busy month for me personally and blogging-wise.  It started out with Jim and I with our fabulous traveling pals went to Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.  Montenegro was all of our 25th country of traveling together…pretty cool!

The rest of the month we were anxiously awaiting news where our jobs would send us next.  We were pretty sure that we would still be living in Germany, but we weren’t sure where.  A few days after we returned from our trip, we found out.  We are moving to Grafenwöhr this summer, and we are super excited about it, because it takes us closer to our travel goals of really discovering the more Eastern European countries and their treasures.

The rest of the month was just living, enjoying the beginning of spring with all the beautiful flowers and strawberries, and enjoying Europe.  I took photos three different ways, with my DSLR, my iphone, and the one of my daughter on Apr. 28th is a screen capture on Skype, because I loved the sun rays!

I’ve enjoyed the challenge of taking a photo a day, but now I know for sure I’m never going to be able to do one of those 365 things…too much committment.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the other posts and I want to thank Amy and Claire for thinking up this “Show Me Your April” link party!


  1. Corrine, I am so thrilled that you took the April Photo-a-Day challenge! Your photos, as always, are so beautiful, and make me crave to go to the places you visit. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to… I’d pick the wheat(?) against the clouds, oh, and the man in silhouette, and, yes, the one of the laundry outside what looks like a castle! Love how you arranged them in a mosaic, too. Thanks, again, and continued happy travels! Glad you are going to move to a place that you are excited about!

    1. Amy, The link up was a great idea..love little challenges like that, and thanks for the compliments. The wheat was by the dump. The silhouette is Jim, and I can’t pass up a laundry picture. I can’t. I won’t. I’m waiting to hear more about your spring travels as well! Happy Weekend!

  2. I love the way you laid your pictures out for the whole month! No clue how to do that! Great post! It was fun to do….I linked up too!

  3. What an exciting month and congratulations on your new work placement. Will you be going far from where you are now? (my geography sucks). Your pictures looks amazing, keep taking them and sharing… fantastic idea of “show your month” post, will you be doing it for other busy busy months then? Looking forward to read you next… i enoy your blog very much

    1. Jameela, You are so sweet. I may continue doing the month in review…maybe. We are only moving about two hours from where we live now, and the area is beautiful! We are looking forward to ti! Hopefully, you’re on the move, too!

  4. What a fun month!

    I am one of the crazy people that do the 365 things frequently. I’m not doing it this year, but I have for the previous 3 years. I only keep it for my own records, I don’t blog about it. That adds another level of stress I wouldn’t be able to handle.

    Congrats on knowing where you’re going and staying in Germany. Lots of exciting travel adventures ahead!

  5. What a great idea of a photo a day! It has clearly worked out well with some fantastic pictures.

    I’m also quite envious of your travel in early April. They are all places I hope to get to some day.

  6. Cute idea a picture a day linky, but I go days without seeing something of interest to photograph so quess I’ll continue on with my Spain blogging in may in a-z style. Nice pictures, the one of your daughter is cute with rays of sunshine!

  7. I really like the sun rays on my niece, too, and I think that you in silhouette, Jim? Nice shots, all of them, Corinne, and congrats on your new jobs, best wishes for more happy travels and excellent photos!

  8. I don’t think I could ever do a 365 photo challenge either, unless I just have to post one per day, rather than take one. Love the layout and photos.

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