Sheep Dog Training in the Lake District

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Sheep Dog Training in the Lake District
I recently had the opportunity to fulfill an odd, yet lifelong dream (at least lifelong since my first viewing of the movie Babe). I was able to work with a sheepdog and sheep in the beautiful Lake District countryside of Northern England! And let me tell you, it was amazing!

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Sheep Dog Training in the Lake District

First the nitty-gritty; this is not a cheap experience. If you are interested you must book a reservation in advance, you can go with a group but keep in mind that only one person gets to actually heard the sheep with the dog, the rest are viewers/bystanders and they must pay a smaller fee to view. However, I do think the experience was worth it and it’s something I know for sure that I will remember with delight for the rest of my life.

Sheep Dog Training in the Lake District

A Lesson with the Pros – Man and Sheep Dog!

When we arrived at the unsuspecting and very empty field in the dramatic countryside I really did not know what to expect, or even if the experience was real or not considering there was no one there to greet us. But we waited about five minutes and sure enough a woman carrying a shepherd’s staff and followed by two gorgeous black and white sheep dogs greeted us at the gate. We then walked through a couple fields to get to the training area. After our short introductions, we learned all about the company and how many dogs they have, how much they love their dogs, and what a normal day for them looks like.  I have to admit it sounded like a lot of work from sunup to sundown, but working with dogs all day has just got to be fun.

Sheep Dog Training in the Lake District

Upon arriving at the dog training field, we met the woman’s husband who was seated in a small tent and was attending to a very young and hyper dog.  We were introduced to the farmer and all the dogs properly, they were very excited and it was obvious that the dogs loved their job. This is their element and it’s a great thing to see animals use their basic skills and instincts!

Sheep Dog Training in the Lake District

After  a quick demonstration I realized that I was then up to bat and I became very nervous thinking I had to command this amazing sheep dog. However, my nerves soon subsided as I slowly started to learn the terminology, “Come by” which means to move around in a clockwise circle, “Away” which means to move around in a circle in a counter-clockwise direction, and “Stand by” to stop, slow down, or wait. I was given a trial run with Max, the oldest male sheepdog, who was so excited to do his job he couldn’t contain himself! It took just a few moments for him to listen to each of my commands as I said them. He was definitely the most well trained and focused dog I have ever seen or met. I started saying the terms loud, then from prodding from the shepherd began to quiet down, and even though Max was about 200 yards away at times, he could hear and follow demands as quiet as a whisper.

Sheep Dog Training in the Lake District

Sheep Dog Training in the Lake District

After a few trials, we went through an entire routine, me whispering demands, Max following them to a T. We rounded the sheep from one end of the field to the other using “come by” then when we went a little too far, I said “come by” a few times, then the ever important “stand by”, in which Max slowly herded the sheep straight ahead to make it finally through the gate and once we were all done, the iconic phrase from Babe, “That’ll Do”.

Sheep Dog Training in the Lake District

Although we were there for about an hour it felt like fifteen minutes, it was exhilarating fun and watching the dogs do what they do best was awe-inspiring. This was certainly a Sheepdog Experience to remember!

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Have you ever wanted to do anything like learning how to call sheep dog commands and herd sheep?  What would you like to do?


  1. Ha,ha,ha, my son has a Border Collie exactly like this, Corinne. That dog believes we are all sheep and is his job to keep us together. Every time we go out with him as a family, if one of us goes ‘astray’ he will make sure de delinquent is brought back to the flock in no time. I think they have it in their blood and don’t need much training to do that.

  2. We were once in the lake district and saw a farmer and his sheep dog herd up the sheep while we were out and about walking. It was amazing to watch! Would love to do it myself 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard

  3. I love Border Collies. They are the #1 dog with regard to intelligence. I would love to do something like this. I don’t know if they have that anywhere around us, but I would love to do this!

    1. Elaine, I’ll bet they do. When we did our course the instructor told us they have classes all over the world! Next, I want to go to a shepherding competition (not as a participant just as a spectator)!

  4. This is what makes travel interesting – definitely going off the beaten path and doing something memorable. I’m so glad you were able to do this, Corinne!
    Wishing you a New Year full of experiential travels like this!

  5. I’ve never thought of working with a sheep dog, but I have seen them work and they are amazing. The desire to herd is in their blood for sure although I have a friend on a farm in N.Z. who says that some need more training than others. 🙂

    1. Jan, I’m sure that is true. Every dog, like human, has different capabilities and personalities. The ones we met had wonderful personalities…but all different. We loved it!

  6. I worked in New Zealand and in Cornwall on a sheep farm. I loved it ! It’s amazing how those dogs get trained and are so good to keep the herd together! Especially in Cornwall, when I had to move a big herd of sheep over a road from one field to another, I was glad that the dogs were helping me out! And they are so sweet 🙂

  7. What a unique experience , i love it. We love in the country in Australia and see many cattle dogs working to bring the cows in for milking

  8. We don’t really know much about dogs either, Amy, and it was a certainly a little intimidating at the start. But the dogs were so friendly and the instructors were a hoot and they really put us at ease quickly.

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