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Rush Hour in the Kerala Backwaters

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Commuting to Work!

Transportation around the world is fascinating, isn’t it? This is a commuter boat taxi taking most of the workers to a bus station where they will then go on road to their place of employment. Kerala BackwatersTrundling through the backwaters of Kerala, I was surprised how many people live there. In my mind, I imagined it to be this pristine natural environment, and we’d be more apt to see birds and monkeys than people. I couldn’t be more wrong, and it made the experience all the better. We were on the water for about two and a half days. How relaxing! The staff did everything from the moment they carried our bags to our rooms. They drove the boat, cooked, decided where we’d stop, and all we did was luxuriate and watch real life pass us by. Waking early was the best, as like in this shot, we were witness to everyone getting ready for their day. There were plenty of people bathing in the rivers, doing their washing, delivering goods, and herding ducks! It was mesmerizing. I loved every minute of it!

I would recommend any of the tours you can find on the web. Just double check that it is the company that is the right fit for you, but honestly they all do exactly the same thing.  You don’t have to go with the most expensive one.

You will fly into Fort Kochi, where there are plenty of great things to see as well, and there you will be picked up by the tours.  You can add on to any of the backwater tours and hire a driver or  join a tour group to explore the entire region.  This is what we did with only a portion of the trip devoted to the backwater.  Two and a half days was plenty.  Even though you do make a few stops, it’s pretty relaxing and you don’t get much exercise.

Have you ever thought of doing the boat stays on the backwaters of Kerala?

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  1. If we have the time and can make it down to that area of India, we will certainly be doing a backwaters houseboat trip. I think we may just ‘wait and see’ and book it when we’re there rather than book online, just in case it doesn’t pan out.

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