Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg

Looking for that perfect romantic weekend? Need a night away from the kids? We have found the perfect place for you. Hotel Burg Wernberg, in the middle of the Oberpflaz region of Germany, is the perfect overnight getaway. The castle, built in the middle ages, although small has been renovated to be as cozy and luxurious as you could possibly want for a pampered, romantic weekend getaway.

As you drive up the hill and park the car, the castle is almost hidden behind the greenery. Just like in Sleeping Beauty, the leaves and ivy seem to open up, exposing the the moat, tall walls, and brilliant blue shutters adorning each window. Crossing the wooden bridge and entering through the first arch, you know immediately that you’ve made the right choice.

Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg

Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg
The well stocked wine cellar is sure to please even the most refined of tastes.

Nowadays, Burg Wernberg is primarily known for its 2-star Michelin chef, Thomas Kellerman. His kitchen creations attract people from all over the world. On site, his kitchen provides for two restaurants, the gourmet restaurant called Kastell, and a smaller, cozier one in which the food is the same, but the entire menu is a la carte. Chef Kellerman told us that Kastell seats 30, and on any given evening there will be people from Brazil at one table and people from Japan at the next. This is a testament to his fame and accomplishments.

Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg3
Maintaining Michelin stars requires absolute focus and exact perfection. Chef Kellerman has both.

About 12 times per year, the chef offers cooking lessons and that is what we were there for. We spent a good four hours with the 2-star chef learning all about truffles and picking up some great cooking tips. Since we are not chefs, it was a relaxing day where Chef Kellerman would demonstrate one of his recipes and we would pitch in where we could. Jim had a great time dicing and plating alongside the chef. These lessons are given in German and are booked up almost a full year in advance, but we got lucky and were able to arrange one just for our small group and in English. The entire day we felt well taken care of and the menu was amazing.

Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg
Just lifting the lid filled the room with the pungent, mouthwatering aroma of the luxurious white truffles.
Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg
Now it’s your turn, Corinne! No pressure or anything, it’s just 2-star Chef Kellerman looking over your shoulder.
Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg
Another Dover sole looses it’s skin in the name of fine dining.

Here’s a list of what we ate: 

First Course: Langoustine fried with white truffle pumpkin cream and caramelized iceberg salad.

Second Course: Dover Sole with white truffle Parmesan sauce and roasted ragout of root vegetables.

Obatzde, the modern take! Click here to find out more about Kastell, the 2 Michelin-starred restaurant in the Oberpfalz.

Third Course: Rabbit roullade with spinach and white truffle, white vegetables and fried spinach.

Forth Course: Bavarian chicken with Jerusalem artichoke and white truffle shavings.

Plus we had a basket of homemade breads, a few small tastings, and an amazing dessert.

Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg
Mise en place!
Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg
Everybody gets in on the action.
Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg
Plating alongside a 2-star Michelin chef? Priceless!
Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg
And a little more white truffle, and a little more white truffle, and just a little bit more.

We were there to learn about truffles, one of the most expensive ingredients in the entire world. Chef Kellerman had secured for us a large white truffle and told us the market cost of this fungus was a staggering 4,000 to 8,000 Euros.

Hotel Burg Wernberg offers not only the two restaurants that will serve you a fantastic meal, but also spa services and comfy rooms complete with many extras to make your stay the most relaxing it could possibly be. There is also a short walking path that takes you around the castle, or you can go on a longer walk through the town as well. So, even if you do not do a cooking lesson, you should go for a great meal and a spa treatment or just a relaxing, romantic weekend away.

Indulgence and Pampering, A Romantic Weekend at Castle Wernberg

Practical Information

Getting There 

By train: Less than an hour on the Oberpfalz Bahn from Regensburg Main Station (Hauptbahnhof). Arrange shuttle service ahead of time and the hotel will dispatch a vehicle to whisk you up the hill.

By car: Just off the Nurnberg – Prague route , autobahn A6; take exit 70 off of the A6 and follow signs for Hof onto the A93 then exit 27 for Wernberg-Koblitz. 


  • If you do want to arrange a cooking lesson, please note that you will have to arrange this months in advance. Therefore, if you know you are going to be in the area, book it first!
  • Cooking lessons are usually in German, but Chef Kellerman speaks excellent English and tries to integrate English speakers into the class.
  • The spa is only open on weekdays and Saturdays, not Sundays. Again, you can arrange this as soon as you know you are going.
  • Burg Werberg offers many special events throughout the year. If you are setting up a getaway, email them or check out their website to see what’s happening when you will be there.

Whether you want to take a cooking lesson or not, just booking the hotel and dinner will make your weekend.  All the other stuff is a bonus!

Who wants to go to Burg Wernberg?

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A romantic castle hotel with a 2 Michelin star restaurant! Click her to find out more!

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  1. Dave and need to do this Corinne! It’s too close to home to miss. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  2. This looks a like a lovely place to stay, and what an experience with the cooking! The menu sounds divine! Germany really does have some hidden gems dotted about the place, this definitely being one of them.

  3. So jealous right now…lol…would love to take a class like that and have superb food – thinking this would make a really nice mini break for hubs and I from Dublin and will have to look into it.

  4. That food looks fabulous. I’ve just had lunch, but your post made me feel hungry again :). It’s interesting to see how they removed the skin of that sole.

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