Reflection #535 – Angkor Wat Monk, Cambodia

Angkor Wat Monk

Angkor Wat, Cambodia. The name makes travelers drool! And drool they should! What a temple, or temples.

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We visited Angkor Wat during the end of December, and a more perfect time just couldn’t be had.

We templed, and templed, and templed to our hearts content. And, yes, there were plenty of other tourists there. There always is, but it wasn’t too difficult to wait them out and get some great shots.

This is one of my favorite captures of the entire visit. A monk walking on the temple grounds. Was he lost in thought? Was he heading somewhere? We don’t know. But seeing his long, flowing orange robes splash against the green of the gardens was just the photo I wanted of such a spiritual place.

We spent three days exploring all the temples of Angkor Wat and enjoyed every bit of it.

Have you been to Angkor Wat? What was your favorite part?

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