Reflection #534 – Seronga, Botswana

Seronga Botswana

Driving to Seronga in the very colorful country of Botswana was wild, just like Africa…wild!

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First, we didn’t realize how isolated it was. We didn’t know that the one and only gas station would close down within minutes of our arrival. And, we didn’t know that there were always plenty of people trying to hitch a ride to go there that would gladly jump in the back of our truck.

All this made for a somewhat overwhelming adventure to this little campsite in the far reaches of the Okavango Delta.

After we’d gassed up, checked in, and were happily tucked into a great meal of kudu sausage and squash, we started to really enjoy our surroundings.

From Seronga, we took a mekoro and met up with some great little hippos, ate cold spaghetti with our guide somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and just had an overall blast.

The town wasn’t much more than a village, and pictured here is a little store that sold all kinds of goodies to the locals. This little dog was really the only one hanging around, so we didn’t have much of a chat.

If you are in the vicinity, gas up and head to Seronga, Botswana. It is very memorable.

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