Reflection #530 – Tanah Lot Temple, Bali

Tanah Lot Temple Bali

Tanah Lot is a Balinese temple that is situated on a natural rock formation. In the rock, you can see how the water has eroded it to its unique shape.

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The original temple was built there during the 15th century. It is still a major pilgrimage site, and plenty of tourists go there as well.

If you choose to visit this temple, you will need transporatation as it is about 20 kilometers from Denpasar. Many people rent motor-scooters on the island. We rented a car, which featured the added bonus of air-conditioning.

Tanah Lot temple is an iconic spot, and the souvenir vendors and restaurant owners are taking full advantage of its popularity.

I would suggest bringing a picnic and a bottle of wine, and just sitting across from it and enjoy the sunset.

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  1. Love this picture of Tanah Lot. I hardly seen pictures of this impressive temple at high tide. At low tide you can walk up to the temple and view it up close but now it looks even more unique. Tanah lot is the most photographed temple on Bali. Visitors love to go there during sunset. The drive to Tanah lot is also great, nice ricefields along the way…

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