Reflection #525 – Hill Village in Thailand

Thailand Village

I loved visiting Thailand, and can’t wait to go back. There is so much diversity in the country. We headed up to Chiang Mai to do the mountain trek that many, many travelers have done. It’s the way I like to do things. Real local life is seen in the villages, not the big cities.

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It seems that when I go to the bigger cities, like Bangkok, I spend the vast majority of my time seeing the sights. Then I’m so tired of the hustle and bustle, fighting traffic, pounding the pavement, that I just want to get out into the country. Even though I attempt to hit the lesser known neighborhoods, I’m just not as into it as I should be.

I love the quiet of the back country. During the hill trek, we saw so many people tending their houses, carrying things to market, hanging their laundry. These are the things I am drawn to. This photo was taken in the evening. The people were finished with their work and were sitting around relaxing, telling stories, just like anybody at the end of the day.

What scenes, experiences are you drawn to during your travels?

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