Reflection #513 – Perfume Store in Jordan

Jordan Perfume

Shelves of essential oils for mixing your own perfume in Amman, Jordan.

Meandering the streets of Jordan, there are plenty of perfume stores. Bottle after bottle of essential oil to dab on your wrist and mix to find your perfect scent. After spending three days hiking through Petra’s gorgeous rock valleys, we probably needed to upgrade our “odor.” We entered the shop, and what an experience it is, trying to name a scent that you enjoy, seeing if it works on your skin. I finally asked the store owner for some suggestions, and he was full of great ideas. What a nice respite from the busy sidewalks of Amman filled with bakeries and snack vendors, trying all the different oils. The only problem was after we purchased some, how to get it home. Thanks to the “no liquids” rule, we had to check a bag.  It did make it though, and what a great souvenir as well as memory of Jordan.

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