Reflection #505- Barn Door in Moldova

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Moldovan Barn Door

Moldovan Barn Door

When I was younger I loved to read spy novels. Invariably these spy novels took place in cold, barren Soviet countries. Moldova is such a photogenic country, full of my visions from old spy novels. There was scene after scene of trees with no leaves, frosty sidewalks, creaking grass underfoot in the park. Cold. Barren. Scary. I went to Moldova during the winter. It was reminded me of all of those old spy novels. The air was crisp, the cars seemed to leave smoke or mist in their wakes, and the people were all bundled up in fur hats and leather jackets. I loved it.

But I also loved the people. Moldovan people are some of the friendliest people I’ve met. We were taken into cozy restaurants, somewhat like an agritourismo in Italy, homes that were heated by wood fires, painted with folk symbols in bright colors. Warm-hearted people showed us around, taught us about their food, answered lots of questions.

We were escorted to some great sights like the Milestii Mici Wine Caves, Orhei Veichi, and the cathedral right in the middle of Chisinau. This photo was taken a few hours north of the capital city, and is a simple Moldovan barn door. I was fascinated by them. Again, it was the way they were painted or the chickens running around in the yard. I was so surprised by the entire country. I would love to go back in the spring or summer when it would be green and warm.

Have you been to Moldova? Is it on your list?

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