Reflection #504 – Chinese Roof Tiles

Chinese Roof Tiles

Ornated tiles adorn this Chinese roof.

I love the colorful tiles that you find on many Chinese roofs. They are so ornate. There are beautifully molded roof tiles in many Asian countries, and all have their own distinct flavor. The Chinese roof tiles are very elaborate. Some of them seem to tell a story, and others are gods or warnings against evil-doers. It pays to look up!

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This photo was taken in Xian, China. After visiting the Xian Terra Cotta Warriors, and the Drum Tower, and the city wall, the mosque in the Muslim section of the town is fascinating. It is seclude, quiet and peaceful, and it made me happy just relaxing in its tranquil atmosphere after the hustle and bustle of the city.

Xian was by far my favorite city in China. It is much more provincial and quiet. It was easy to get out of the city to visit the Qin Dynasty Mausoleum and the caves. In town, we visited some great sites and it was much easier to get around than Beijing. I spent four days there and loved every minute of it.

Have you been to China? Did you see many different types of roof tiles?


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