Red Rocks, Nevada

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Escape the City (LasVegas) and Get Natural

One thing I love about visiting Las Vegas is that you can drive not too far outside of it and be in some really beautiful areas, such as Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

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Red Rocks, Nevada

Only 17 miles from Las Vegas, tourists have a multitude of outdoor activities to stretch those slot-pulling, stool-sitting muscles.  Part of the Mojave Desert, Red Rocks is a spectacular place to hike, ride bikes, horse-back ride, or even take the 13 mile loop road to see the various vistas.

One thing I always do is head to the Visitor’s Center.  There you will see exhibits about the desert and area, and it’s always a good idea to check the schedule of interpretive programs put on by the Bureau of Land Management.

Have you been to Red Rocks?


    1. Jameela, Yes, believe it or not! I’m not much of a gambler, and the shows are expensive. The food is good, but overall Las Vegas isn’t really my type of place, so I feel I have to find the other offerings!

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