Rainy Day in Borneo

A Quiet Stroll on a Rainy Day

When we are traveling, we want it to be the perfect weather. We like it not too hot, not too cold, cloudy, but not actually raining. Trying to photograph balancing an umbrella, the camera, and whatever else I happen to be carrying is a struggle.

Rainy BorneoHowever, rainy days do make for some beautiful photos. I love the movement as the rain slashes down in this one, and the lone chicken looking for some worms.

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After exhausting all our adventure possibilities in Borneo, we were exploring the traditional product villages in Sabah. The morning started off with a slightly cloudy blue sky. As we drove, the villages are a few hours from Kota Kinabalu, the sky darkened and the clouds became puffy and black. It was obvious we were going to be in for a downpour.

As we drove through rice fields, tiny villages, and finally found our destination, the gong village, the rain hit us. It was Sunday, so it was already pretty quiet in the village, but when the rains came it was almost eerily silent. We walked along the dirt, and now muddy, track through town stopping at the various gong-makers huts. We only came across one woman who was diligently working through the downpour.
Maybe rainy days are not the easiest days for touring and photographing, but we really enjoyed our wet stroll.

Have you ever really enjoyed a rainy day during your travels?



  1. Like you, I try to make the most of my travel days regardless of the weather. We’re always pushed for time when traveling, so we have to make every moment count regardless of the weather. I like how you captured the rain in this image. Apparently, rainy days aren’t the easiest for locals either since it seems that most people got out of dodge when it started raining heavily.

  2. I just left a comment on the prior post about escaping and daydreaming…and I read this post and started doing the same thing. Good job by the writer 😉 I’ve enjoyed some raining travels on the California coast and being in San Francisco…but that was always under the cover of a canopy or a porch just to enjoy it. That’s a great photo, Corinne 🙂

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