Q is for Qatar (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

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Qatari Camels!

It's "Q" Day for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Yay!  A country that starts with Q…you gotta love that!

Qatar.  I’m not even sure how you really pronounce it.  When American troops were stationed there (shout out to my sister, Gwen), I kept hearing it called “Cutter.”  Then I was watching TV and the announcer, who spoke Arabic, pronounced it like a lion would, with a good “rrrrr” sound and not much else, something like “Qtrrrrrrrrr.”  At any rate, not being able to pronounce it just makes it that much more cool in my book!

It’s one of those countries that I just didn’t know much about other than it had oil and was one big desert.  To say I was curious and excited is really an understatement, I was expecting a very “camel-y” experience, somewhat like we had in the UAE or in India, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Camels are a pretty big deal in Qatar.  They even race camels.  Yay!

We certainly weren’t in the country long before we saw camels, and they are one of my favorite animals.  I think, like elephants and dogs, they have tons of personality.  We walked up to these two guys, and they kinds of shot a bored look at us, lowered their to-die-for eyelashes and posed away.  I loved it.

Would you take a trip to Qatar?  Don’t you just love a camel?


It's "Q" Day for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge


Big news!  I was interviewed on Jameela’s fantastic website, Diary of an Expat.  Please read my interview  and let me know what you think!  Thanks all!


  1. Qatar and camels…what a combination. They are classic animals but I must admit I don’t necessarily need a ride! I’d love to go to Qatar. Now that they fly from Australia to Doha it is just that bit easier.

  2. We changed planes in Qatar once – I can’t even remember which trip that was. However – and this is a first – you’ve picked a country I have no real desire to go to. Love the camels though.

    PS read and enjoyed your interview.

  3. Nice write up Corinne:-) Never been to Qatar – ha ha Camel race – that sounds like a funny thing to watch (not to sit on though.. or..:-) He he

  4. Oh that’s lovely. I only stopped over at the Qatar airport enroute to Europe. When I landed, it looked like a vast expanse of sand with a few buildings in between. Thanks for the post, next time, I will plan to make a pit stop in Qatar.

    I read your interview too! I think it is wonderful that you take language classes when you move countries. How many languages can you speak now? You must be well on your way to becoming an accomplished linguist!

    1. Aarthi, Unfortunately I cannot speak anything fluently other than English, and sometimes I struggle with that! LOL. I can have a simple conversation, like ordering food, asking about the family, asking directions, very simple stuff in a few different languages. I’ve got to get working on some Russian next. Thanks for reading the interview!

  5. Camels spit nasty brown stuff that has an awful odor…so I keep my distance. Congrats on the interview. I’m less adventuresome and prefer to travel to non 3rd world type places. I’d travel through you from a safe distances, lol.

  6. You are right, it is a tough country to pronounce. I might have to go there for business soon so I’ve been teaching coworkers how to pronounce it! I was there last year actually and have some family there.

  7. I would love to visit Qatar and the middle east in general. Iran is top on my bucket list. Fun to hear about the camels. Did you attend any of the camel races? What were your favorite foods in Qatar?

  8. We rode camels in Oman, which I am guessing is a bit similar to Qatar, although I think Doha is a more modern city than Muscat. So far I have loved the middle east, and would love to go to Qatar someday – and I hope to fly on their national airline too, I believe they are still rated as #1.

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