Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe

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Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

Hoge Veluwe park is relatively flat and very easy to manage even for occasional bike riders + Stunning Views!

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We lived in the Netherlands from 2000 until 2002, and we learned how to enjoy the Dutch way of life. For example, the love of bikes. They use bikes for everything from commuting to leisure, and boy do they know how to do it right. From date nights where the boy has a girl riding on the back fender, to the post delivery clerk who has a specially made bike for the mail, the Dutch are masters at utilizing bicycles for transportation.

A Park for Bikes, How Dutch!

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

Explore all of the park for a fun and full day out with friends or family

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

There are all kinds of bikes available, including ones with children seats

Hoge Veluwe National Park

Only an hour southwest of Amsterdam, and very close to some other great cities and sights in the Netherlands, the Hoge Veluwe National Park is a spectacular day trip. Upon reaching the park, you can decide whether or not to bring in your car or park it outside of the park. Parking outside is no problem, because the park provides free bikes for your use. Can you believe it?

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

You’re sure to find a good fit with so many bikes to choose from

With a number of huge bike parking lots sprinkled within the park, you and your family can choose a white bike to ride wherever you want to go. Bikes are all sizes and some even have baby seats, so everyone is accommodated. We love this feature, because the park is beautiful moor and heathland, very flat and easy to ride around with hardly any inclines.

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

Folks of all ages and abilities share the paths in the park

The various activities and museums to do in the park are never too many kilometers away, and we’ve seen children as young as four pedaling on their own bike and not having any trouble keeping up. If you have trouble finding a bike, you can go to the bike center near the Visitor Center and they will set one up especially for you.


Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

Bring the kids along, they’re going to have a great time, and there are even or two playgrounds along the trails

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

Compose your own landscape with this massive frame

There are plenty of bike trails, all paved, in the park so you can never get bored with the choices, long or short. The Hoge Veluwe is known for Van Gogh having spent time there, and as you pedal you will come across wooden picture frames where he sat and created his sketches and paintings. There are plenty of places to picnic, as well as the various spots in the park that house the museums and other activities.

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

Get started at the visitor’s center, make a plan, grab a map, use the restrooms…

My first stop would be the Visitor’s Center. This is the heart of all the activity and there is usually an exhibit of photography or art as well as plenty of English speakers to answer any questions you may have. You will want to make sure that if your plan is to take a tour of the Jachthuis Sint Hubertus (Hunting Lodge) that you get signed up and buy your tickets before taking off as well.

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

Don’t worry about where you left your bike, or even locking it up. There are so many, just grab one that fits!

Also in the Visitor’s Center complex is the Museumonder (Underground Museum), a couple of places to eat and get a snack, the bike center, and a fantastic playground. I’ve never been to this part of the park without it being packed full of people enjoying a coffee and an ice cream and letting the little ones really expend some energy.

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

If you can’t find the visitor center look for one of these maps along the path.

If you have children, you won’t want to miss the Museumonder, which exhibits life underground. A natural history museum, the kids will be amazed at the skulls, signs, games, and information at the center. It’s also a cool place to spend a half hour during the heat of the day to just cool off. There is no extra cost for this museum.

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

Even if you choose not to visit this fantastic Van Gogh collection, you should take the time for a stroll through the free sculpture gardens.

Our favorite museum in the park is the Kröller-Müller Museum. A little pricey (buy your tickets online), it is well worth every cent. The Kröller-Müller Museum is an art museum that houses the second largest collection of Van Gogh works along with other impressionist and modern artists.

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

One of favorite Van Goghs in the Kroller-Muller Museum, Cafe Terrace at Night

The Jachthuis Sint Hubertus (Hunting Lodge) is a beautiful piece of architecture in the middle of the park. Pedaling up to it, you can see it reflecting in the pond where the swans and ducks are nesting. It’s a great place to stop and order a cup of tea or if you have pre-arranged a tour, take a look on the inside.

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

The Jachtslot St. Hubertus is a hunting lodge with an interesting history, take a break from the bike here and take a tour or have a snack

The Hoge Veluwe is a stunning natural site where you can easily spend one or more days. There are even some campsites within the grounds along with plenty of small villages surrounding the park offering all kinds of amenities.

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

It’s pretty hard to get lost, there are markers like this all along the way

If you are heading to the Netherlands for some cheese, windmills, and a little Dutch culture, you will want to make sure that the Hoge Veluwe is on your itinerary.

Practical Information:

The different attractions in the Hoge Veluwe have different operating hours depending on the time of year. It’s critical to check before you go, and while you’re on the website checking the hours, why not go ahead and buy your tickets at the same time?

Park Entrances are through Otterlo or Hoenderloo and can be easily driven to by car. Public transportation is available as well by taking the 108 bus from Appeldoorn train station to Hoenderloo and then changing to the 106 bus towards Otterlo and directly into the park.

There are places to stay near the 106 bus route in both Otterlo and Hoenderloo. We stayed a little further away in Ede in the Hotel de Paasberg. We were in a clean and comfortable family room for a decent rate.
Hotel de Paasberg
Arnhemseweg 20, 6711 HA Ede, Netherlands
+31 318 651 020

Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

Most importantly, take the time to have fun!

Have you been to the Hoge Veluwe? Any tips?

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Pedaling the Bike Trails of Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands

















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  1. Cudos to you for riding the bike, Corinne! Don’t you find it tiring to visit places by bike? I used to ride my bike to work may years ago, but I then the car felt more convenient. Recently, on a FAN trip to Paso Robles, I had to ride a bike again and had a pretty bad fall. I don’t think I’ll try hoping on a bike any time soon now.

    1. Anda, I love riding bikes so this park was perfect for me. I love that you just pick up a bike at the entry and use it all day. So fun.

  2. I love this type of traveling, plus you get to visit with the locals and see off the beaten path areas

    1. Lisa, Well, we didn’t talk with many locals. Everyone is there riding through the park and playing with their families. It was really lovely!

  3. I love that Cafe Terrace by Van Gogh. Thanks…I believe that’s the print I will have hanging on the living room wall of our new home!!!

  4. How nice! I would like to visit this place. I think the combination of nature, exercise and art in a familiar environment is something we all need in our own countries.

  5. What a lovely day that would be with the family. I am not a big bicycle rider at home but we quite often use them when travelling and I always enjoy riding from sight to sight and having someone tell me about them. This place would be good because you could do your own thing.

  6. That is so cool! I never learned how to ride a bike. My best friend gave me a bike for my birthday two years ago, but I still haven’t learned. It sits in my house, serving as a clothes hanger! But this summer I’ll try to get on that, because I so want to do bike tours like this one on my future travels!

  7. what a lovely park! on my first trip to Amsterdam, I was blown away by the sheer number of bicycles. later that day I almost got plowed over by a gang of them because I could not remember to stay out of their lane. LOL loved the picture of the 2 bikers, cute. 😉

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