Passports Or Pass With Tom And Jasmin

On this episode of Passports or Pass on Weekend Travel Inspiration, we spotlight a traveling couple who live in Munich. Tom came to Europe to study, and soon after his arrival he met Jasmin. It must have been fate. When young Germans go off to university, there are no dormitories so they look for other students to share an apartment with, and Jasmin just happened to be one of Tom’s new flatmates.

Tom and Jasmin in a dirndl and lederhosen.
Sporting the traditional trachtenmoden of Bavaria!

As these things happen, one thing led to another, and now they are boyfriend and girlfriend. They have plenty in common and one of those things is discovering new places. They have traveled to some out-of-the-way places like Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan as well as doing other parts of Europe. Next summer they plan on doing a US road trip, meeting up with family and friends and seeing some of the natural sights around the western parts.

Tom and Jasmin at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.
Tom and Jasmin at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

We met up with them in Munich, in a part of town that Jim and I were not that familiar with. We enjoyed lunch and some great conversation. What did we learn? Click on the video for our latest game show and find out if we feel the pair make good traveling partners. Will they get their passports or should they pass?

Tom started a blog when he launched the idea of living and studying abroad called AbroadAmerican. In his blog he tells you how to study in Germany, where to do, what to see and do, especially around Munich. 

Mt. Ararat - Tom and Jasmin.

Well, were you right?  Do Tom and Jasmin get their passports?

If you would like to be on Passports or Pass, give us a holler! We’d love to feature you and your favorite traveling companion.

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A Traveler Companion Game Tom.

2 thoughts on “Passports Or Pass With Tom And Jasmin”

  1. THANK YOU! This came out fantastic, and thanks for coming down to Munich to meet up with us, it was a great afternoon.

    It was our first time really “on camera” together like we said, so we were a bit nervous but you two made it so easy and relaxed. Great job putting all this together! Never has 20 minutes gone by so fast for us :)

    Danke, und prost aus München!

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