Conquering the Chimera of Olympos

In southern Turkey, just a little off the beaten path, a gas seaps from the ground and as it hits the air, bursts into flame (well, really it’s a continual flame, but that’s not quite as impressive, now is it?). Because of this unusual phenomenon, there have been many myths and stories that have grown […]

Being Pampered at the Hamam or How to Hamam!

Hamam towels

With the girls in Turkey, I had to take them to the hamam (Turkish bath).  Devon actually went twice; but they both loved it.  After having been indoctrinated into the world of public bathing in Japan, both of them thought this was much easier and much more comfortable.  That might have something to do with […]

Freezing on the Top of Nemrut Dagi

A small site in the Anti-Taurus mountains, the tumulus at Nemrut Dagi is supposedly at its best either at sunrise or sunset.  Since we missed the sunset, we chose to rise early and watch the sunrise.  Honestly, I’m not sure what the allure of going to the top of a mountain at sunrise is, but […]

What to do in Cappadocia?

A tourist’s dream, Cappadocia has much to offer you no matter what your interest is.  To hike, to photograph, to eat good food, what else is there to life? Cappadocia evokes a romanticism of the Crusades.  In its unique rocks, eroded over millions of years in a region that is extremely volcanic, people have carved […]

What to do on Mongolia Trip

“Mongolia?” Our colleagues once again looked at us with concern, or maybe it was incredulousness, or maybe just confusion. It’s hard to interpret their faces and words sometimes, but it always basically means, “What are you thinking?”  It didn’t stop us, though, it was planned and we were packed and ready to go to a […]

World Heritage Site – Hattuşa

We took a driving trip to Hattuşa to visit the ancient capital of the Hittites. I never expected to have so much rain during the Turkish springtime. When we arrived last September everything was brown, brown, brown, and it stayed that way for a long time. The forecast was again for rain, but we woke […]

The Fabulous Eggplant!

Before moving to Asia, I never really considered an eggplant worth eating.  I had had the occasional moussaka, but other than that it was completely lacking from my diet.  Apparently in many parts of the world, it was reputed to drive people insane and was called the “mad apple”.  Now, I think it should be […]

Korean Delicacies – What to Eat in Korea

Aw, it can’t be that bad?  Millions of Koreans swear by them; what?  Oh, intestines, large ones – Makjang, a Korean Delicacy.  Apparently in Daegu, it’s the snack o’ choice to slosh down some Charm Soju. So we order some; at least they don’t come to us in one long coil.  They’ve been cut into […]

How to Eat Shabu Shabu

shabu shabu

While we were living in South Korea, the “English” teachers, took Devon and I to this fantastic restaurant and introduced us to Shabu Shabu; it quickly became our favorite Korean dish. This meal supposedly originally came to Korea with the invading Mongols.  All of us had had Shabu Shabu in Japan, and in theory it […]

The Killer Trek to the Buddha of Health, Gatbawi- South Korea

Famous in Daegu is a stone Buddha with a hat. Gatbawi is the Buddha of health, and many Koreans make a pilgrimage to him to attain blessings.  We’ve never seen a Buddha statue with a hat before, except for the many images of it plastered all over the city.  It would be criminal to have lived in […]

The Three Jewel Temples in Korea

The Three Jewel Temples of South Korea

Living in South Korea really gave us the opportunity to go out and find the best of everything, and I would say these three temples in Korea are the absolute best. All of them are important religious sites. They symbolize the three key tenets of Buddhism. Songgwangsa represents the Buddhist community or sangha, Tongdosa represents […]

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