Searching For The Best Tarte Flambee in Alsace

Tarte Flambée or Flammkuechen, A Popular Dish Like An Alsatian Flatbread Pizza  What is Tarte Flambée? In English, we could call it “flaming cake” and in Germany it is known as Flammkuechen. Is it French? Is it German? Non. Nein. It is Alsatian. The small border area that currently resides in France has always had a bit of an identity crisis since it has been swapped over from country to country for hundreds of years. All political boundaries notwithstanding, Alsace is one of my favorite places on Earth. In fact I have said I am addicted to it, and one of the main reasons is because of the amazing food. Legend has it that bakers always used wood ovens, in medieval …

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For The Love Of Beer – A Day Trip From Munich

Beer, that refreshing drink we all love, has some very humble beginnings. Some say the ancient Egyptians brewed the first barrels of suds, others pin our fraternity binge-ing brew on the Babylonians. But beer didn’t get serious until the early middle ages when hops were added to balance the sweetness from the malt with a little bitterness, reduce spoilage, and improve the aromatic quality of the popular fermented drink. If this interests you as much as us, you would love visiting the Hops Museum, and it’s very close to Munich itself. Full of great information and hands-on activities, we loved it. What Makes The Best Beer? Germany has always been a leader when it comes to hops, first in the …

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Passports or Pass With Mary And Alicia

Alicia and Mary – Will You Pass the Travel Companion Test? In this episode of Passports or Pass we mix it up a little. Instead of having a couple, we are interviewing Mary and Alicia, two moms that travel together with their families.  Both Mary and Alicia are married to Army men, and they met before they started having children, beginning their travels with weekend ski trips in Colorado. As luck would have it, both ended up here living in Germany, and they began traveling around Europe together. They are dedicated travelers who firmly believe that traveling doesn’t stop when you have kids.

The Amazing Food of the Azores

This post is written by fellow blogger, Nathan Aguilera. He is the creator at Foodie Flashpacker and when he offered to write a post on the food of the Azores, I was so excited. I’ve had the Azores on my list for a long time, and of course when I finally get there, I’m going to want all the amazing food that I can find.  What kind of food is there in the Azores? I had been wanting to visit the Azores of Portugal since a friend had first told me about the collection of nine volcanic islands halfway between Europe and the U.S. She had described the stunning landscapes, dramatic views of the ocean crashing into the cliffs, and even …

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Visiting The Kuchlbauer Tower and Brewery in Bavaria

Art and beer, beer and art. These two things don’t necessarily go together, but in Abensberg, a small town not far from Regensberg, in Bavaria there is a brewery and beer garden where it’s all about the art. It boasts a magical tower that will have the kids of all ages gaping and smiling. Jim and I heard about this unusual combination, and couldn’t wait to go. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to convince us to visit a brewery anyway, but with a little whimsy, you just can’t keep us away, and one thing that the Kuchlbauer Tower promises is whimsy! Am I Dreaming? The Kuchlbauer Brewery and Hundertwasserturm Experience The Kuchlbauer Brewery, brewing wheat beer or weizenbier, a wheat …

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Passports Or Pass With Tom And Jasmin

Tom and Jasmin On this episode of Passports or Pass, we spotlight a traveling couple who live in Munich. Tom came to Europe to study, and soon after his arrival he met Jasmin. It must have been fate. When young Germans go off to university, there are no dormitories so they look for other students to share an apartment with, and Jasmin just happened to be one of Tom’s new flatmates.

Mastering Pinterest: Power Tips

Mastering Pinterest with 5 Power Tips

Welcome back to Part II of our Mastering Pinterest series.  Last week we learned some Basic Tips on how and why to get started right away using this powerful social media platform.  This week is Power Week!  You will learn how to focus and maximize your blog and brand potential on Pinterest and we’re going to get started right now. Pinterest Power Tip 1 Optimize Your Blog for Pinterest – How do you make your blog Pinterest friendly?  The first thing you want to do is make sure that your readers know they can follow you on Pinterest.  You can do this by putting it in obvious places on each page of your blog.  Have the “Follow Me” Pinterest button or …

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