British Pies – Chicken and Leek Recipe

British Pies and a Recipe

Britain has a long history of pies, and I have a long history with Britain…and her pies, especially meat pies. I love them! I spent a few of my formative years in Ipswich, and I would love it when the family stopped off at the chippie. On every visit, I would get a steak and kidney pie, which is pretty unusual for a little girl, but that was my go-to choice. Maybe it was because I had no idea what a kidney was, and my younger self had no idea that I wasn’t supposed to like them. I remember the first time I ordered one with Jim, not even thinking about it and he just gave me this look like, “What …

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Gondola Training – It’s All Wine and Boats

Is taking a gondola ride on your Venice bucket list? It was on mine, but here's what I did about it. Click here to find out all about traditional Venetian boats!

The Ultimate Gondola Experience in Venice Italy To Gondola or Not to Gondola, That is the question! What’s the iconic thing to do in Venice? Take a gondola ride. In our heads we have visions of the striped shirt gondolier serenading us with the likes of “Amore” or another Italian love song as we glide romantically through the pristine canals of the city. Tell me this isn’t on your bucket list! It was definitely on mine, but I had been a few years ago with my girls and some friends. We attended Carnivale, and oh was it crowded and fun. At that point, we did hire a gondola, and after I got over the sticker shock of way too many Euros, …

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How To Travel Safely Anywhere In The World

How To Travel Safely Anywhere In The World

Staying Safe While Traveling How do you stay safe while traveling abroad? It’s on everyone’s mind. With recent events, no one can be sure where danger will strike next, so do you just stay home? The media might say yes, but I say no. There is just as much chance that there will be a dangerous incident in your home country as there is in another.  There just is no such thing as “the safest city in the world” if you ask my opinion. You can have an accident and get injured anywhere, but by taking just a few precautions and following these few travel safety tips, you can feel safer when journeying abroad.

Meeting The Sunrise From The Hexagonal Stones Of The Giant’s Causeway

Finn McCool’s Bungle – The Giant’s Causeway According to legend, it’s thanks to a woman that the Giant’s Causeway even exists. You see, ol’ Finn McCool long, long ago got a little feisty and challenged a Scot from across the water to a battle. When Red Man took him up on the challenge he built a bridge across the water and came looking for Finn. Finn took one look at him and realized he’d made a big mistake. What’s a man to do when he’s bumbled so badly? Ask his wife to help him out, of course, and this is exactly what Finn did. His wife, Oonagh, took care of it by tricking the Scot into thinking that Finn was …

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Traveling In Summer With Carry-ons For Two People

If you are going to travel light, summer is by far the easiest time to do so. Saying that, Jim and I are heading to Ukraine and Belarus, so we’re not packing for the beach. We’ll be city-hopping. We’re not fans of spending our hard-earned money on expensive flights, and we certainly don’t like paying for baggage. For this trip, we are flying two different airlines and one of the airlines only allows a personal item for each person not to exceed 43 cm by 22 cm by 22 cm. You read that right, only one personal item each. That’s not much, but we are determined to do it without paying for a bag. Oh, by the way, we’ll be …

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