How To Travel Safely Anywhere In The World

How To Travel Safely Anywhere In The World

Staying Safe While Traveling How do you stay safe while traveling abroad? It’s on everyone’s mind. With recent events, no one can be sure where danger will strike next, so do you just stay home? The media might say yes, but I say no. There is just as much chance that there will be a dangerous incident in your home country as there is in another.  There just is no such thing as “the safest city in the world” if you ask my opinion. You can have an accident and get injured anywhere, but by taking just a few precautions and following these few travel safety tips, you can feel safer when journeying abroad.

Finding (and Making) the Best Tiramisu

How We Found An Authentic Tiramisu Recipe  I had my first Tiramisu dessert in Germany in the mid 1980s and I have been on a mission to find the best tiramisu recipe ever since. Naturally, this creamy, fluffy dessert is a staple in practically every Italian restaurant in the world.  However, it is surprising how many different methods there are to prepare it. So what is the “traditional” tiramisu recipe? Where did we find our favorite tiramisu?

Top Things to Do In Armenia

There are some places that we have been that really stick with us, and Armenia is one of those countries. Small and tucked into the base of the Caucasus mountains, not too many people put it on their bucket list and even fewer will go. What a shame! Just like a Starburst Strawberry candy, it makes a huge impact. It was hard to pare it down, but we’ve come up with the top things to do in Armenia. Of course there are many more, but it you decide to buy that ticket, and you do the things on this list, you can be sure that you’ve gotten a great taste of Armenia, from all the Yerevan attractions, what to eat …

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Drive The Grossglockner High Alpine Road For Thrills And Adventure

One Of The Best High Alpine Driving Experiences When I think of those picturesque mountains, the Alps, I think of craggy, green mountains sprinkled with sheep and cows, bells tinkling. I think of girls dressed up like Heidi, in dirndls and boys dressed in lederhosen. Every fall, we go in search of the Alps of our dreams.  Even though we’re in love with Austria cities with their amazing museums and architecture like Linz and Salzburg, we just need to get out into the real Austria. The ritual and festivity of celebrating the end of summer and the cows coming home draws us over and over to these iconic mountains.  I had never really thought much about the roads through the …

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Our Guide To The Top Open Air Museums For Kids In Germany

Visit Open Air Museums to Step Back in Time What’s better than learning about a culture, traipsing about an outdoor museum, maybe learning how to farm, bake bread, or sail, all with a hands-on experience? I don’t think there is anything better. As a teacher, I can tell  you, kids really do love to learn, especially when it has a “I can do it myself” bent. One place we like to go are open air museums, and Germany has plenty of them, at least one great one for each state. We’ve taken our students to a few of them, and when the results are in, we’re all winners!

The New Travel Companion Challenge – Passports Or Pass?

The Travel Companion Challenge With Mary and Chris KP

Are You A Good Travel Companion? This week, we’ve instituted a new series. We’ll be interviewing travel companions to see how well they know their partner. We know just how important it is to find someone that meshes with you while traveling. Being isolated in a foreign country can heighten stress, so in order to enjoy the experience it’s imperative to find that perfect someone who can help you through whatever your travels throw at you. This week, we’re starting off the series with two of our favorite travelers, Jim’s sister Mary and her husband Chris whom we met up with in Ireland. Hailing from two different continents, they met while traveling in South Africa and found love. As we …

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Meeting The Sunrise From The Hexagonal Stones Of The Giant’s Causeway

Finn McCool’s Bungle – The Giant’s Causeway According to legend, it’s thanks to a woman that the Giant’s Causeway even exists. You see, ol’ Finn McCool long, long ago got a little feisty and challenged a Scot from across the water to a battle. When Red Man took him up on the challenge he built a bridge across the water and came looking for Finn. Finn took one look at him and realized he’d made a big mistake. What’s a man to do when he’s bumbled so badly? Ask his wife to help him out, of course, and this is exactly what Finn did. His wife, Oonagh, took care of it by tricking the Scot into thinking that Finn was …

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The Town Divided By War – Moedlareuth

Deutsch-Deutsches Museum Moedlareuth

Imagine this. Your country has just lost a war, and now the Soviets who are in charge are building a wall in your town. How will you visit your family? How will you shop? How will you go to school? For almost 37 years, this small town of 50 inhabitants was divided by a wall and guards. Brother could not visit or even wave at brother. Families were torn apart, but only lived mere feet from each other. It wasn’t until 1989 that the border that had blocked them from seeing each other was finally removed.  If this type of story interests you, you will want to visit the German town of Moedlareuth.

Traveling In Summer With Carry-ons For Two People

If you are going to travel light, summer is by far the easiest time to do so. Saying that, Jim and I are heading to Ukraine and Belarus, so we’re not packing for the beach. We’ll be city-hopping. We’re not fans of spending our hard-earned money on expensive flights, and we certainly don’t like paying for baggage. For this trip, we are flying two different airlines and one of the airlines only allows a personal item for each person not to exceed 43 cm by 22 cm by 22 cm. You read that right, only one personal item each. That’s not much, but we are determined to do it without paying for a bag. Oh, by the way, we’ll be …

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Top 10 Things To Do In Kaunas, Lithuania

Top Things to do in Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas, Lithuania: European Capital Of Culture 2022 We first visited Kaunas, Lithuania during a Thanksgiving weekend about five years ago on an exchange trip. Our gracious hosts were musicians and fellow teachers and they bent over backwards to show us a good time. We left after four days impressed with Lithuanian history, culture and food. However, we knew we’d have to go back during a more favorable season to really get a feel for tourism in this former Soviet controlled country. I finally had the chance when I climbed aboard the tall ship Stadrad Lehmkuhl for a tall ship race from Turku, Finland to Klaipeda, Lithuania. After leaving the ship, I made my way to Kaunas for a weekend break …

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The Titanic Experience in Belfast

Titanic Belfast is THE Titanic Experience Let’s get one thing right, straight away. The Titanic Experience in Belfast is THE Titanic Experience to beat any and all others. It is the largest, most in-depth, Titanic museum experience in the world. The beautiful, purpose built structure housing the Titanic Experience is a behemoth in its own right. It stands taller than Belfast City Hall, has underground parking for more than five hundred cars, and is encased in more than 3000 different shaped, silver anodized folded panels. The building sparkles in the sunshine (rare enough in Northern Ireland) like a multifaceted diamond. This is one large and gorgeous grand design.

Passports or Pass With Devon And Marcus

Passports or Pass video with Devon and Marcus

Devon and Marcus in the Hot Seat! Can they convince us that they are fantastic travel companions? Welcome to our second show in the series Passports or Pass where we grill unsuspecting travelers to see if they really should be traveling together. Travel is fun. Travel is stressful. Will traveling together make Devon and Marcus’ bond stronger or will it break them? [embedyt][/embedyt]

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