Japanese Soba – Buckwheat Festival

Pink flower fields are the main attraction to the red soba festival in Minowa, Japan.

One of the best things about traveling slow or living in a country–like Japan– for a year or two is that it gives you the opportunity to experience more than just the most popular sights and festivals. As soon as I found out we were moving back to Japan, I knew I wanted to visit the gorgeous red buckwheat fields in the Nagano Prefecture. I was happily surprised to find that the town of Minowa hosts a Japanese soba festival each year around the time of the red buckwheat bloom. I booked my hotel before I even arrived in country and couldn’t wait to head to the buckwheat festival in September. No one is going to keep me from learning more …

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Rendezvous with Rahma of The Sane Adventurer

Rahma in the city

Welcome back to our traveler interview series, Rendezvous with Rovers! This week we’re highlighting Rahma from the Sane Adventurer. We love finding out how other travelers find their way through this amazing world, and we love sharing it with you. There’s nothing more fun than sitting down on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and drinking in some weekend travel inspiration. We hope you enjoy it. Please introduce yourself. My name is Rahma Khan. I’m an electronic engineer by profession and a writer and traveler by passion. Still working a full-day job, I do a lot of freelance writing to support my small travel breaks throughout the year. I am a Pakistani by birth living an expat life in Oman since …

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Staying in a Sleeping Capsule Hotel in Japan

Capsule Hotel Japan

Traveling around Japan is exotic, full of technology, and just plain fun, but with that fun comes a bit of a price tag. It’s not cheap. While budgeting your trip, make sure to take into consideration your cost for public transportation and of course hotels. There are all kinds of hotels in Japan, something for everyone’s budget and comfort level, but for the cheapest, the smallest, and maybe the best, we think everyone should experience the sleeping capsule hotel. We’ve all heard of them: the legendary capsule hotel. Legendary, indeed! Tiny hotel rooms, no bigger than the underside of a bunk bed, not even tall enough for you to stand in. Nothing more than a Japanese futon mattress, a pillow, …

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Saalburg Roman Fort and Museum – Only 30 Minutes from Frankfurt

Porta Praetoria from the Saalburg Museum Shop

Are you looking for a fun day out? One of our favorite places to just romp, have fun, and throw in a little history-learning is Saalburg Roman Fort. A quick 30 minutes from the center of Frankfurt, it’s a great day trip with or without kids, for people living in Germany or just traveling around the country, visiting and looking to get out of the city and up into the beautiful Taunus mountains.

Rendezvous with Ana from A Restless Traveler

It’s that time again where we gather some great weekend travel inspiration from our fellow world travelers. This week, on Rendezvous with Rovers, we interview Ana from A Restless Traveler who has been to some really exciting places.

Day Trip to Kamakura and its Beach!

Kamakura, only a short train ride from Tokyo, is a must-see when visiting Japan. Whether you are traveling around the country or on a work trip and staying mostly in the city, Kamakura affords you a chance to get a breath of fresh air. From watching the surfers at Kamakura beach to enjoying the peaceful temples and shopping for all things kawaii (cute) or traditional, this little city really has it all. In one day trip to Kamakura, you will be refreshed and either ready to go right back to work or head off to explore more of this gorgeous country.

Andorra Travel Blog


Andorra. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Breath-taking. Stunning. But, as pretty as it is, there are exactly three things to do in Andorra in the summer. Shop, hike, and eat. And there are exactly three things to do in Andorra in the winter. Shop, ski, and eat! It’s small, but it’s still worth it. Having traveled all over Europe, we still found this small country to be unique and interesting. We weren’t here long, but we did have a drive through, a lunch, and took some photos…so yes, it counts and that’s why we included these facts and a little information on our Andorra Travel Blog. We only spent a day in Andorra, a perfect summer day, winding along the mountain roads, exploring …

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Rendezvous with Ben of Horizon Unknown

Trekking in SaPa, Vietnam

Welcome back to Reflections Enroute’s Weekend Travel Inspiration interview series. This week we find out all about the man behind Horizon Unknown, Ben! He’s been traveling the world with his partner for over four years, and he’s hit over 50 countries. How inspirational is that? Let’s learn more about Ben and the way he travels. How I travel, what are my troubles and frustrations I began my travels in 2013 on a solo, one-way ticket to Ireland, and then continued through much of western Europe. I love to travel quite fast and cram a lot of things into a small amount of time. Even though I have tried to slow down while travelling, there are just too many interesting places to …

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A Fairytale City for All Seasons; Rothenburg Christmas Market and More!

Birds-eye view of Rothenburg Christmas Market

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a small city in the German state of Bavaria, should be on everyone’s Germany bucket list. Whenever you go, winter, spring, summer or fall, this small medieval city will captivate you. It is truly a city for all seasons. This charming walled town with its ivy covered stone walls, tall watchtowers, and winding, cobblestone lanes is sure to spark visitor’s imagination and fairytale wonder. We have been numerous times, and each time we find some new hidden corner of the city to enjoy the warmth and welcoming kindness of the townspeople. The Rothenburg Christmas market is one of the famous Bavarian Christmas markets, but there is so much more to this romantic city.

Xian Itinerary and Terracotta Warriors Planning Guide

As iconic and exotic as Egypt, every child in America learns a little about Chinese history; it was one of those places that I just could not wait to get to. The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the world heritage Xian Clay Army are probably the top three sights to see, and we were going to do just that on our first trip to China. We wanted to make sure we did, and saw, as much as we possibly could, so we definitely enjoyed planning this Xian itinerary.

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