Nokogiriyama, A Chance to Breathe on the Boso Peninsula

Cherry blossoms frame the Big Buddha

Living among the other 45,000,000 people on Japan’s Kanto Plain, sometimes we just get a hankering to get out and hike in the mountains and reconnect with nature. There are a few options around us and luckily we never have to travel more than an hour or two to feel like we’ve escaped the city. On a recent outing, we managed to combined two things we love most, taking a ferry ride and going for a hike in the mountains. A Day Trip to Mount Nokogiri Our day started early enough, once we realized the heavy skies from the past few days had cleared we knew we needed to get outside. It was just turning to spring and the chance …

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Attending a Japanese Baseball Game

You won’t be far into your visit to Japan before it’s obvious that baseball is the number one sport of the country. On afternoons and weekend, young boys are uniformed up and going to their local games or practices. On TV, baseball players are selling you everything from after shave lotion to automobiles, and there are stadiums in every large city. Jim and I are not really huge sports fans, but the national sport is part of the culture, so we do try to attend a game of some sort wherever we go. While we lived in Europe we attended a few World Cup Games, as well as something even more local like the Inverness Highland Games in Scotland, and …

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When is the Best Time to Visit Japan? Comparing All 4 Seasons in Japan

Japan. Exotic, futuristic, traditional. It’s on everyone’s bucket list, because it has so much to offer. The main question is, when is the best time to go to Japan? It’s a good question. Which season has the best weather? What festivals are the most interesting? What kinds of food are eaten each season? These are all great queries. And the answers? Anytime is the best time. All four seasons in Japan have their pros and cons. Summer is hot and muggy, but the festivals and fireworks are amazing. Winter is cold and snowy, but the skiing and bathing in hot tubs makes it all worthwhile! To help you plan your trip to Japan, we’ve asked travel bloggers to add to …

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A Perfect Day Trip To San Marino And Its Castle

Sunset view from San Marino, castle and fortifications walls

One thing we knew for sure when we were planning our summer road trip in Italy, was that we had to spend at least one day in San Marino. The tiny, “Most Serene Republic of San Marino,” is on the border of the Italian provinces of Emilia Romagna and Marche and is not too far off the track driving between Bologna and Tuscany. San Marino is one of the oldest republics in the world, established in 301 AD, and has remained largely unchanged throughout its history making it a natural UNESCO World Heritage Site. From its origins as a small refugee community atop Mount Titano, San Marino grew to the present day micro-state consisting of the towns of Fiorentino, Montegiardino, …

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A Visit to Matsumoto – Castle and Art

Matsumoto Castle with red bridge - number one thing to do in Matsumoto

On a clear, sunny day, we decided to leave our comfy living room couch to take a day trip a few hours north to see Matsumoto. We’d heard tons about this small city, especially about its famous castle. We quickly learned that you can easily spend a full day, or even a weekend, in Matsumoto. We’ve been wanting to take advantage of the warmer weather, and this town is considered a city of the arts, mainly because it is the birthplace of Yayoi Kusama. We were so ready to visit Matsumoto and her castle and art museums, a must-do while in Japan, even though we were going to have to go back for the world famous Ice Sculpture Festival in …

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Our Trip to Egypt – Travel Blog

Silhouette of the Sphinx in Giza.

Egypt? I couldn’t wait to go! Northern Africa seems more like the Middle East, but Africa! For me, the name conjures up images of pyramids, souks, hieroglyphics, exotic foods and yes, even romance! Raise your hand if you ever wanted to be Cleopatra lounging on that chaise, sipping wine, with buri fans waving nearby to keep you cool! After traveling all over Europe, Egypt was going to be a bit different, of that I was sure. I had questions, so many questions. Some of the questions I had was: Was it safe to travel to Egypt? How much money will it cost? Where should we go? Should we take a group tour or plan it all on my own? You …

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The Best Accommodation and Hotels in Japan

When budgeting for travel around Japan it is imperative to think about your accommodations. Hotels in Japan run from small and cheap to sprawling and extremely expensive. Many of the hotels are just a place to spend the night, but other types of accommodations in Japan,  like capsule hotels or ryokans,  provide a full on Japanese experience, and we fully recommend you try different types of stays while you are here,  so you can get a true picture of Japanese travel culture. We’ve compiled a list of not only our favorite places to stay in this amazing country, but we’ve enlisted the help from some other travel pros as well.  We’re sure you will find the best stays for your …

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2 Days in Berlin – The Perfect Weekend in Berlin

A Weekend in Berlin, Germany

For so many people, Berlin is and always will be, the symbolic city of the cold war. Of course, there’s so much more to find within the city whose rich history goes back hundreds of years. Berlin has been the capital of Prussia, the Brandenburg state, the German Empire, the Third Reich and now modern day Germany. It has also become a capital of design, fashion, culture and counterculture, music, and the arts. It is an energetic city that is sure to please even the most jaded of travelers. Living in Germany, we’ve visited many times, spent many a weekend in Berlin,  and each time we find more and more to do. As you might guess, having only 2 days …

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The Perfect Prague Weekend – What to Do in Prague in 2 Days

Perfect Itinerary for Weekend Getaway to Prague

Prague, Czech Republic, is possibly the most beautifully preserved medieval city in all of Europe. The towers and spires lining the skyline, the massive Prague Castle overlooking the town, and the statue lined bridges will transport you back to an earlier age. Of course, the famous Bohemian spirit coupled with some of the best beer in the world, will serve to make any visit to this iconic city a happy one. Don’t be fooled though, the city is packed with tourists of all ages. Coach tours, river cruises, and backpackers flock to the city all year long. You’re going to need help if you’re going to make the most of a trip to Prague! We know that visits to this …

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