An Amazing Road Trip Tunisia – A Travel Guide

Blue boat and aqua waters of the Mediterranean Sea

Our last trip to North Africa was to Egypt, which we loved, and we couldn’t wait to do something like it again. When we first started researching our Tunisia road trip, we found Roman ruins instead of pyramids. We were intrigued, until now all we had ever heard about Tunisia was the all-inclusive beach resorts. We had no idea how many wonderful things there were to do in this under-rated country. Hopefully this Tunisia Travel Guide will help you in your planning. Everyone wants to go to Morocco, but not many people think about going to Tunisia. I’m not exactly sure why I did, but it’s probably thanks to seeing photos on one of the blogs I follow. We found …

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World Heritage Site Tanum Rock Carvings

Reindeer carving at Tanum Rock Carvings, Sweden.

Tanum is a quick hour and a half drive north from Gothenburg. Even though it was January, Jim and I jumped into the jeep and headed up. If it’s one thing we don’t want to pass up it’s a chance to see rock carvings. We’ve seen them in New Mexico, Portugal, Botswana, and now we wanted to see them in Sweden. However, we weren’t surprised when we reached the museum to find it closed up tight for the winter. Luckily, there are plenty of signs around, and since we were there, we started wandering and reading. Turns out that you don’t really need to go into the museum at all to visit the rock carvings. They are, afterall, part of …

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A Turkish Barber Experience

Lathered up and ready for a straight-edge shave in Turkey.

…or Whatcha gonna do with that straight edge? Turkey is full of fun things to do, some are more different than others. Reading all our lives, books regale the shave of Turkish barber, so Jim just had to give it a go. A traveling friend of mine makes it a point to get a new hairstyle in a local hair salon in every new city or country she visits. This sounded a bit extreme to me, but one thing I’m bad at during travel is shaving. I just can’t be bothered. So, why not opt for a shave in every country I visit instead? This sounded much more practical. And who doesn’t miss those good old days of the straight-edge …

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Snow Monkeys in Hot Tubs – Bucket List Japan

Snow Monkeys in Hot Tubs - Bucket List Japan

I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated with any type of animal, especially monkeys! So, anytime that I have a chance to see them in the wild, I take it. On our last road trip through Japan, we rented a car and drove over a good portion of the island of Honshu taking in some quirky sights, eating kobe beef, and even making Cup O’ Noodle noodles.  It certainly wasn’t out of the question to visit the bathing snow monkeys and we added to the itinerary. Seriously, snow monkeys in hot tubs! That’s a sight everyone needs to see. Where Are the Snow Monkeys in Japan? The best place to see snow monkeys in hot springs is at the Jugokudani …

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The Big 5 Bavarian Christmas Markets – A One Week Itinerary

Bavarian Christmas Markets - a 1 week itinerary.

It’s almost winter and visions of steaming mugs of glühwein and the sweet taste of stollen are dancing in my head. In Germany, the onset of winter brings one of my favorite seasons of the year – Christmas market season! Living in Bavaria, We were smack-dab in the midst of the quaintest, quirkiest, and even oldest Christmas markets in Germany. If you haven’t done a German Christmas market yet, book a flight today and I’ll tell you how to get around to the best of Bavarian Christmas Markets in one glorious, shopping bonanza week. Our itinerary will take you to not only the markets, but the cities with the best sight-seeing as well. Pin Bavarian Christmas Markets 1 Week Itinerary for …

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World Heritage Sites – Wartburg Castle, Germany

Stained glass window at Wartburg Castle, Germany.

Wartburg Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Eisenach, Germany.  The location of the castle is above the border of what used to be West and East Germany, so for over forty years it was pretty inaccessible.  Either because of this, or because it is such a famous pilgrimage site, the day we were there so were  plenty of people.  Last year there were over 400,000 visitors. As a good castle should be, Wartburg is situated up high, above the town on a jutting precipice.  We drove up, up, up, and then the only parking available was down the hill a little.  Darn it!  That just meant more climbing.   We parked the car, and as we stepped out into …

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