How To Get Around Using The London Oyster Card

Buy Use London Oyster Card

What Is An Oyster Card? The Oyster card is a plastic card, similar to a credit or bank card, that you use to to pay as you travel throughout London, England on the spider web array of public transports. Some will tell you the oyster card gets its name from the metaphor of an oyster with its hard protective shell securing the valuable pearl within (your hard earned cash). I myself go more with the Shakespearean notion of the world being my oyster. With a little hard work and persistence and your oyster card, London will yield its pearls. Why Use An Oyster Card I suppose if you’re traveling in a group of three or four than it might be better …

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A Day Trip to Malmo, Sweden

Erika and I were on our own, traveling with a group from TBEX around the southern region of Sweden called Skane, and Jim was off in northern Sweden having his own fun with fat bikes and famous chefs. He was to drive down, spend some time with us in Malmo, and then we would drive across the Oresund Bridge, opened in 2000, to Copenhagen all together. So what kinds of things can you do in Malmo in just one day? Surprisingly, you can do a lot. We had so much fun exploring the food and sights of this southern Swedish city. Stopover for Culture and Cuisine in Malmo, Sweden Most of what we had been paying attention to on our …

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A Shopping Weekend To the Polish Pottery Capital Of The World

Looking for that perfect European souvenir? Polish pottery is it. Everyone loves the traditional blue and white Polish pottery patterns that adorn everything you could need in your kitchen. Click here to read our guide. Polish pottery mugs | Polish pottery dinnerware | Polish ceramics | Boleslawiec Polish pottery

Living in Germany, even though I have lots of opportunity, I don’t often go on shopping trips. It’s just not in my genes, but there are some products that you just can’t say no to and I would definitely put Polish pottery into that category. I usually prefer touring to shopping, but I do love a good hunt. That’s why Poland is such a fantastic destination, and why Wroclaw is my favorite city in the entire country, and maybe even in Europe! However, anywhere you go around the world is full of boutique shops selling quaint country crockery will have a shelf or two of Polish stoneware. With its signature blue and white patterns, it’s easy to mix and match …

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Madagascar Itineraries, Things To Do, and More!

Madagascar Travel Guide.

We’ve all seen the movie, but now we want to go! Madagascar is an exotic African island filled with lemurs, chameleons, great food, and gorgeous vistas. We’ve compiled some Madagascar itineraries, which include where to go, what to do, and all the best sights. Check here for things to do in Madagascar!

Make Your Own Swiss Army Knife in Brunnen, Switzerland

Mountains, cows, cheese, chocolate. These are all things that I readily associate with Switzerland. That and one more thing, the Swiss Army Knife.  And that is the reason Jim and I booked another weekend in Brunnen, Switzerland, to make our own pocket knives. Even though we drove down there in the dead of winter, we found lots of fun things to keep us busy in this small town not too far from Zurich and bordering the gorgeous Lake Urner. Brunnen, Switzerland – Home of the Victorinox Vistor’s Center Sometimes in winter we look out at our gray German skies and wonder where we can go to cheer us up. Winter is the perfect time to find things to do inside, …

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Where To Go For the Best Summer in Europe

Where to Go for the Best Summer in Europe.

Europe! Here at Reflections Enroute we can’t get enough of it, with it’s quaintness, it’s beauty, it’s history! Welcome back to our travel in Europe during “All Seasons” series. We have compiled lists for what to do in Europe for fall, winter, and spring seasons, and now everyones favorite, summer! We’ve asked some top travelers where they suggest you go in summer in Europe. They’ve listed some cities, beaches, lakes, and mountains. It all sounds good to me.  Why, oh why, can’t summer last all year? Best Places to Go in Summer in Europe Disclaimer: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; when you click on these you can purchase a product or service at no extra cost to you, but …

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