Top Things to Do In Armenia

Top Things to do in Armenia.

If you’re looking for amazing things to do in Armenia then check out this post now! It’s brimming over with expert information about monasteries, food, and more! In this travel guide, you will learn all the best places to go in Armenia, starting with the best things to do in Yerevan. We’ll tell you what to do, where to stay, what to eat, and more.

The Roman Ruins of Butrint – World Heritage Albania

The Roman Ruins of Butrint - World Heritage Albania

Butrint had been on our list for some time, but seeing that Albania is a little off the beaten track it took us awhile to get there. When we planned our short four-day Albania road trip itinerary, it looked so easy to get around. About the size of the state of Maryland, we figured it would be a couple of hours in any direction to get to a site. This is not exactly the case. What looks like big, modern highways on the map are usually not. There is one large highway, but it cuts in and out and is unbelievably difficult to stay on when traveling away from the amazing Eastern European capital of Tirana. Heading south out of Berat, …

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Visiting Berat Castle and More, Albania

Beguiling Berat! An Albanian World Heritage Site

Driving into the world heritage city of Berat during our Albania road trip, the first thing I noticed was the heat. It was midday and there were not very many people outside. Except for a few kids playing in the fountains and some old men playing chess under the trees, the city seemed deserted. To be fair, we found out later that it was unseasonably warm and most people were staying inside out of the heat. However, we were happy to find some of these sites practically to ourselves. We headed straight to our hotel even though we were hungry and wanted lunch. And we were glad we did, because we were able to order dinner and have that all set …

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Searching for the Past at Apollonia Archaeological Park, Albania

As our road trip through Albania was coming to a close we wanted to find something interesting to break up the five hour drive north from Sarandë to Tirana. We had already been to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites at Berat, Butrint, and Girokaster on the way south, so something else would have to be found. Looking at the UNESCO listings we found a promising entry on the tentative list. The Ancient City of Apollonia lies just a little ways off the path outside of Fier about halfway along the route. The write-up sounded intriguing offering spectacular Greek, Roman, and Byzantine ruins to clamber around. We were set. With our destination programmed into the trusty smart phone we said goodbye to …

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What to do in Cappadocia?

What to do in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia, with its fairy chimneys and Turkish charm, is an unbeatable destination. We’ve got everything you want to do in Cappadocia and more.

A Weekend Recharge in Alsace

A Weekend Recharge in Alsace

Your trip to France isn’t complete until you’ve visited the stunning Alsace region. Driving along the 170 km Route des Vins (wine route) for at least a short stretch, say between Kaysersberg and Ribeauville, is a must. The charmingly quaint villages, fortified walled towns, hilltop castles, and glimmering green vineyards will transport you back in time. What’s So Special About Alsace, France? As expats living in Germany, we make one or two trips to France every year. We’d go more often but we’re on the other side of the country so it is a little more difficult. Our usual France weekend looks something like this: We finish work on Friday and hit the road as soon as possible, bags already …

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The Pyramids of Giza, Are They Worth It?

Pyramids of Giza Egypt.

Where is your favorite place in the world? I often get this question when talking to people about my travels. I never have an answer. There are so many awe-inspiring places, sights, foods, and people that choosing just one is impossible. Like many people, I grew up with ideas of places I wanted to go when I was older, and someplace I always wanted to go was Egypt! The continent of Africa has always been a draw, but the top of that list, just like its place on the continent is Egypt. I couldn’t wait to go. The Pyramids of Giza In our Social Studies classes at school, one part of the textbook was devoted to those ancient Egyptians whose …

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