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Our Top Ten Wildlife Encounters Around the World

Do you love spotting wildlife in their natural habitat? Ring-tailed lemurs, blue-footed boobies, and Komodo dragons are just a few of the amazing wildlife encounters we’ve experienced. Listen in as we countdown our top ten wild animal sightings from our travels around the world.

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Botswana elephants, an African safari must see.

Show Notes

05:45 – Number Ten – Alaska moose/swimming with dolphins

10:30 – Number Nine – Swimming with sharks/breakfast with elephants

14:15 – Number Eight – Cassowary in Daintree Rainforest/chimpanzee trek in Uganda

17:00 – Number Seven – Breaching Gray Whale in Alaska/swimming with sharks in Fiji

17:30 – Number Six – Hippo attack in Chobe/Everything in the Galapagos

20:15 – Number Five – Grizzlies at Brooks Lodge/Khama rhino sanctuary

25:30 – Number Four – Komodo Dragons in Komodo National Park Indonesia/Bwindi mountain gorillas in Uganda

30:00 – Number Three – Bwindi Mountain Gorillas/Madagascar Lemurs

33:00 – Number Two – Khama Rhino Sanctuary/Snow monkeys in Japan

36:45 – Number One – Galapagos Islands/Katmai Grizzlies

37:30 – Honorable mentions

39:00 – Notable domestic animal encounters

Really close-up view of a hippo with just the top of its head above water.
This seems to be a hippo’s preferred position.
Bright blue-footed boobies on a rock.
Bright blue-footed boobies on a rock.

Worth Mentioning

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