Old Milwaukee Dessert and Cafe

Old Milwaukee Cafe & Dessert Co. Restaurant Review

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Old Milwaukee Dessert and Cafe
Old Milwaukee Cafe on the corner of 6th and Cedar, downtown Tacoma.

Old Milwaukee Cafe and Dessert Company is located in downtown Tacoma, Washington. Go there for the amazing breakfast options. You won’t be disappointed–unless you can’t get a seat.

If you ever watched Seinfeld and the “Soup Nazi” episodes, you could have a similar experience, but only for breakfast.  The very small cafe (8 tables) is run by a couple of Washingtonians.  Pat runs the dining room, taking orders and keeping track of who is waiting outside.  She can be a little grumpy!  There are rules in this restaurant, and if you break them she’ll tell you about it.  She’s not mean, but she’s not overly warm either.

The hotcakes and coffee are, though. Pat’s husband, Chad, is the cook and a darn good one at that!  Everything from his scones (likened to those famous at the state fair) to his blueberry pancakes–it’s all excellent!  They are open for lunch, too, but I’ve never eaten there for lunch.   We love the breakfast too much, and thankfully we’re willing to get up early for a good one.

You have to get up early, because it opens at 8:00, and there are usually people waiting to be let in.  The place gets full quickly and it’s also not a place that you come and try to eat fast.  Take your time and enjoy!


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