Norway Postcard

Norway PostcardNorway is such a fantastic destination.  We went for one week last summer and loved the sunlight, the views, and the friendliness of the Norwegian people.  Read some of these posts to find out more about traveling in Norway.

Driving Norway

Bygdøy, The Island of Oslo Museums, Check it Out!

Sogndals-Strand, The Cutest Town in Norway

The Top 7 Things to do in Stavanger, Norway

Lista, Norway – A Slice of the U.S.A and a Whole Lot More


  1. Scandinavia is the only area in Europe I haven’t been to yet. Norway sounds amazing though. I love the look of the wooden houses, the wide landscapes and the Northern Lights. One day… 🙂

  2. I still have to explore that part of Europe and I would love to so much. I know it’s more expensive compared to other areas, but I also know that I would love it! One day perhaps!

  3. Looks and sounds awesome and is one of the places on our list of places we’d like to travel too. One of my hubby’s co-workers has been there several times and I enjoyed looking at her pictures.

    By the way, off topic…but, I had a blog them template I loved for years, then apparently whomever was hosting it stopped or had too many pictures or something and I had lots of icky code on my page and so grab the one I have just to be quick and have a page that worked. I like the style you have with several posts showing, any idea if that exists for blogger?

    1. Sandy, Definitely go to Norway, you’ll love it. Secondly, I’m sorry I don’t know much about Blogger. I use a WordPress Template. I just recently changed to this one and so far, so good. I like it. Have you ever thought of going to WordPress?

    1. Amy, It’s just such a pristine, green, never-ending beautiful landscape. The people are really friendly, and everyone, everyone speaks English. I envy their education system.

  4. Aaaawww – you make my day Corinne…So happy you enjoyed your time in my country Norway… Sitting in India and seeing our flag and that white wooden house … *sigh* getting emotional over here:-) Big hugs

    1. Eli, We did love Norway. It helped because we stayed with our Norwegian “daughter” (exchange student) and had a blast catching up while seeing the sights. I can’t wait to go back and do more! Happy Weekend!

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