Discover the Magic of the Never Ending Road

Never Ending Road
Literally speaking, we’ve found ourselves on this never ending road before, but for us it has always seemed like there was always an endpoint, not of the road itself, but of our time to travel it. That point in the journey where we’ve gone round that “one last turn” or over the top of “just one more hill” to see what was on the other side; we get to that point where we can only look ahead, further down the road, as it winds its way slowly down and out of sight. Someday, we keep telling ourselves, our road will truly go ever on and on. For now, however, we can only dream and plan for different parts of that never ending road, another “there and back again”, to keep in the Tolkien spirit.

It used to be that when we were planning a road trip we would stick to the notion that it had to be our car and the path did leave from our front door (or garage). But more often lately we’ve come to the realization that doesn’t need to be the case at all. Sometimes it’s helpful to extend our road on airplanes or trains to get to a new starting point. We’ll fly into a new city, Sofia for example, rent a car and just head down the road with an itinerary that will take us past points that we’re most interested in but not locked into a set schedule and route. Whenever possible, we’ll work our way round a circular path so we end up back at our starting point while keeping the adventure and mystery of the open road ahead.

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While this sates our wanderlust it’s always tempered with the knowledge that at the end of that stretch of road, our regular daily routine of work awaits. But the day will come, in the not too distant future, when we’ll be able to trade most of our belongings for gold pieces and run out the front door with just a knapsack and a dream.


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  1. I feel that you are getting ever closer to the dream of the never ending road. As in really close. As always, our best wishes are with you both as you get closer and closer.

  2. Like you our journey can start anywhere. This year we flew to our winter location but the last three years we have driven across the US (from Toronto) , stayed in Las Vegas for a while, drove to LA and left our car. Coming home we drove back across always taking different routes and stopping where we fancied for as long as we liked.
    We have been saying that we missed our meandering drives.
    But this winter we have had the delightful experience of travelling around Mexico on their first class buses. I am not exaggerating, the service is fantastic. So comfortable, better than economy on a plane.

  3. Beautiful. I can’t wait either for when my husband and can ran out of the door with just a backpack and a dream….to enjoy the freedom in the never ending road. Corinne and Jim, I wish you all the very best on your way to the never ending road. Look forward to more inspirations you will share with us.

  4. I hear what you’re saying about the never-ending road Corinne, and it sounds amazing. I have plans to do a LOT more travelling, however, I also value my home and having my own space, so I need to touch base and spend some time at home too. So my road will be more of a zig-zag than a straight run! 🙂

    1. Lyndall, I agree. I love having my own space. I guess when we do this we’re hoping to have our own space in both of our daughters’ houses where we can just relax and not be on the go.

    2. I agree! as much as i love traveling, and spending enough time in a place to get get to know it well. I also like coming home. I admire folks who travel permanently but I would get exhausted and tired of being away.

  5. The idea of a ‘never ending road’ is very poetic, but in my mind I associate it with retirement or a time when we’ll have less engagements. I’d love to get to that point someday. It seems peaceful and care-free, but from where I am right now it looks pretty far.

  6. Beautifully written – my sentiment exactly; though I’m not sure about trading everything for a knapsack. I love having a place I to come home to wherever I might roam to.

  7. Ahh the dream Corinne, nothing to do but travel.
    But be careful of what you wish for. When I travelled purely for 6 months I found that whilst I was loving the travelling I also began to fantasise about my bed at home – to have that comfort with friends and family. The trick is to get the balance.

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