The National Snack of Spain – Churros y Chocolate

This time of year all around America towns hold their harvest festivals, and then the states each hold a fair. American state fairs are a tradition that goes back to when our country was founded. It is an opportunity to share your best produce or Mama’s best cornbread and jalapeño jam recipe!  

Fried and Sugared Dough Dipped in Chocolate?

Nowadays this includes fair rides, all kinds of carnival games, and special fair foods! One of those foods is fried dough, called many things like Elephant Ears, Fry Bread, Funnel cakes, Doughboys, Scones, and in the Southwest….Churros!  Delicious!


Needless to say, it’s something many young children look forward to every time they go to the fair, and I was no exception.

Of course, living in the Southwest where churros were more common, we’d heard these originated in Spain. So, what’s high on my list as I head to the Iberian Peninsula, yep…churros! The first time we visited, we found a booth alongside the road and it had a line 30 people deep. What a road trip snack!  We bought up a few servings and on we went.

Trying to replicate our experience, we were in southern Spain and stopped by a churros shop. We watched as the man filled his machine with churro batter, whirred it up, and pulled the lever. Out comes perfectly-ridged churros which he proceeded to cut with a knife right into the boiling oil.

Frying the churros to a beautiful golden brown.

After only a short two minutes, he scoops out perfectly browned churros into a flat bucket which he hands over to his wife. She weighs them and puts them into a cone for easy access and carry out.

The churros Vendor packages up our tasty churros.

At one small city, we were renting an apartment across from a churro shop. It was great for two reasons. Hello! Easy access! And also, because sitting on our balcony, we watched the housewives, working men, young teens, abuelos, everyone stop by for a serving or two. We couldn’t believe how many people came to pick up some churros mostly in the morning or later afternoon. We don’t know for sure, but we suspect they had some hot chocolate waiting at home for the perfect dipping.

Churros y Chocolate in an outdoor cafe in Llanes.

At that time, we didn’t know that oftentimes the Spanish like to eat their churros dipped in a rich hot chocolate. However, no matter where you go in Spain today, there are so many opportunities to try churros y chocolate that you cannot possibly not try it this way.

Even though in Spain, churros are eaten every day of the year, I like mine when it’s a little chillier outside. We had the most scrumptious breakfast of churros y chocolate in the northern city of Llanes. It was a misty rain outside blowing off the Atlantic and that hot, thick chocolate with some sugar-y goodness just made it so cozy. Yum, yum, yum.

Have you ever had churros y chocolate?  What did you think?

47 thoughts on “The National Snack of Spain – Churros y Chocolate”

  1. Hi it’s Christa, host of the Sunday Traveler, I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for joining in on the fun! I’ve never had churros with chocolate but I’m pretty sure I’d love it, who wouldn’t! Another excuse to travel to Spain!

  2. After reading your post and seeing the pictures, I’m missing churros so badly! (I am from Barcelona but live in France). I also prefer to eat them in winter, and it is traditional in Barcelona to eat churros with chocolate on New Year’s Day for breakfast – churro shops open around 6am on 1st Jan.

  3. Yummmm!! I’ve been obsessed with the idea of churros and hot chocolate ever since my boyfriend went to Spain and told me such a combination exists. I admit it’s one of the main reasons I can’t wait to visit Spain someday (ok, that’s not true… I’ve always wanted to go for the culture, but now this is an added incentive.)!

  4. I love, love, love churros y chocolate – the best way to start the day! Not the healthiest, but who cares……I’ve only ever had them in Spain, and they were amazing – although I have seen them in the South of France too.

  5. Hi Corrine! You lovely post brings back fond memories of the many, many churros I ate when I was in Spain. Of course, always with chocolate. The last time I was in Spain was in the winter, so no excuse not to have hot chocolate every day!

  6. The churros in Texas, especially at Costco, are bleh. I’ve tried them dipped in rich chocolate in Sydney and Malaysia, though, and they look much closer to what you have in your photos than the giant, Texas-sized churro rods I was used to. I bet they are fantastic in Spain if they are the national snack.

  7. Fried dough is also very common in East Africa although different in shape, the Somali they call it Saliid in swahili we call it mahamri. Next time I have one, I’ll try and dip it in chocolate.

  8. I’ve had thick rich hot chocolate in Paris and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I’ve had churros in many places, but the thought of dipping the churros in the chocolate is almost too much to even think about. :) Yum!

  9. This is one of my all time favourite desserts – not tried it in Spain but had it in Cuba and South America and a few Spanish places here in London – so bad for you but somehow that just goes to the back of my mind when eating them!! :)

    1. Shikha, When traveling, luckily we don’t know what goes into most things so we can stop counting? Right? Anyway, the good thing about having it so early is that hopefully you can walk it off later!

  10. I remember when my girls first told us that all their new friends eat churros y chocolate for breakfast, I thought they were kidding. But it turned out to be true. In the little Costa Brava town we were living in, that’s what they all did. We generally had it closer to morning tea time, like you. It is one of the many things I miss from living in Spain.

  11. Have had churros many times we also find them in the south of France. They are really nice even with just a little powder sugar on it. In Tunisia they have something similar, fried dough, but in a flat and round shape… kinda same taste lovely as well. In the uk where I am now the must have snack is doughnut but not just any doughnut the one from Krispy Kreme. Omg I can eat a dozen of the sugar coated ones all by myself. Ok I’m hungry now…

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