My Feet, A Feast for Fish

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Flesh eating fish at Dr. Fish “Oh come on, Jim, you’ll like it….really!”  That’s me imploring Jim that he cannot pass up the opportunity to have his fishy foot massage.  Asia is famous for its massages, and let me tell you, those human hands don’t hold a candle to the attention that these little fishes pay to some dry and deserving feet.

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What you do:  As you walk into Dr. Fish- Spa, Books, and Cafe, you must pay to hang out.  The cafe boasts an impressive “self-bar”, which consists of three types of bread and a watered down tea.  The houses are rather small in this country, so to socialize folks go to a cafe, order tea, have snacks, and hang out.  It’s rather peaceful, and someone else has to do the cleanup.

In order to sit, though, you must consume something, so we order the “self-bar”, then head over to load up our 4,000 won (about $4) of bread.  We also have paid for the “spa treatment”, which set us back another whopping 2,000 won.  We were handed a number and found a cute little table, near the bookshelf (there’s only one), and eat, chat, and wait.

Finally, we’ve eaten more bread than we should have all week, and our number is called.  We go over to the platform, take off our shoes, and are instructed to wash our feet, then climb in feet first into the fish pool.  Immediately we are swarmed by little fishes devouring every stray piece of skin that our body isn’t tightly holding onto.  It tickles; it doesn’t hurt at all, but the idea that there are piranha-like beings eating my flesh is just a little unnerving.

After you get used to it, it begins to feel pretty good, but alas, you are only allotted 15 minutes.  Afterwards, we wash our feet once again, have it sprayed with some type of disenfectant (the most distressing part of the ordeal – for obvious reasons), and on go our shoes.  We are allowed to go get more bread, but Dr. Atkins is screaming at us, so we decide to call it a day.  I have to tell you, my feet have never felt so soft, as they did after a visit to Dr. Fish!

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