My 2 Favorite Museums in Berlin

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The Berlin Card gives you a choice of 50 museums you can visit in three days!  Go for it, but don’t miss these two museums, the Pergamon and the DDR.  They are my favorites!

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Pergamon Berlin


I love ancient history.  I love imagining myself living in Ancient Mesopotamia, or Egypt, or China.  I just think it’s fascinating, and that’s why I strongly suggest that you visit the Pergamon Museum located on the Museum Island (Museumsinsel) in Berlin.

After living in Turkey and visiting the sights such as Çatalhöyük, Miletus, Hattuşa, and Pergamon (Bergama) made a visit to this museum a must for me.  The Pergamon alter is what the entire museum is named after, and boy is it impressive in size.  It dwarfs the room as you climb up it and look down at all the other visitors.  So impressive!


The Pergamon houses three museums: the Collection of Classical Antiquities, the Museum of the Ancient Near East and the Museum of Islamic Art.  All sport stunning exhibits and are well worth waiting a little on line outside.  We did not have the pass, or preordered tickets, but we went in December, and we stood on line for about 40 minutes.  I would certainly plan ahead and buy your tickets ahead of time so you do not have to wait on line.  It is so much easier.

DDR Museum Berlin

The next museum that I would not miss if I were you, is the relatively new DDR Museum.  It is extremely popular, but luckily stays open until 8 pm, which is great because when everyone clears out for dinner, you can almost have the museum to yourself.  There is a lot to read in this museum.  It has tons of information.  I  couldn’t possibly read and retain everything that was there, but there were some stand out exhibits that really stick with you.

The DDR or Deutsche Democratische Republic is the name the East Germans had for their country from the end of World War II until German reunification in 1992.  The museum very diligently lets the visitor experience what it was like to live in such a repressive regime.  Everything from home life, school life, jobs, free time, travel, being in the military, nothing is missed.

DDR Museum Berlin


Many of the exhibits were interactive, such as sitting in an East German car, the Trabant or opening the cupboards in the kitchen of an East German home.  There were closets, drawers, films, things to touch, listen to, and watch.  I just love going to a museum such as this, because you feel you are involved in the information.  It makes it so real.

Don’t miss either of these two museums in Berlin.

Have you been to Berlin?  Which were your favorite museums?



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