Mud Hut in Tibet

At unbelievable altitudes, the Tibetans lead a harsh life.

mud hut Tibet

Even though it’s a relatively warm day, this photo shows how hard life can be way up high in Tibet. The houses are colorful and ornated, probably to contrast the bleak landscape. Trees only grow in the lower valleys, and most of the year the fields are brown.

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Notice the shovels leaning up against the wall. The bricks are covered with dung which is used to heat and light the cooking fires. Yaks are the prized animals and provide almost all the Tibetans need to survive from milk, to meat, to dung, to clothing and bedding.

It’s a fascintating glimpse into another’s world, and one that makes me more than happy to be lucky enough to a citizen of a first world country.

Have you been to Tibet? What were your impressions?


  1. Although I’ve been to China, I have not had the chance to visit Tibet yet. The closest we’ve come is Nepal, which shares some similarities in terms of geography and there are a fair number of Tibetan refugees there. While hiking the Annapurna circuit, we met a fellow trekker who shared some of his photos of Tibet and they absolutely blew us away. Definitely a dream destination to visit one day!

    1. Steph, Even though I agree the photographic opportunities were pretty awesome, I have to admit Tibet was a really difficult place to travel. Really difficult. Good luck!

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