Mongolian Life

Two men chat outside a ger on the Mongolian steppes

Mongolian Life

Mongolian life can certainly be categorized as hard! The weather is harsh, with winds sweeping across the plains. It is still primarily a nomadic life, except in a few villages and cities, and even in these many families live in tents.

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Mongolia ranks up there for me as one of the most fascinating, exotic, and just all around difference places I have traveled to. In an old Russian van, we traversed the country mostly on dirt tracks, but occasionally on no discernible path. The highway ended not far from Ulan Baator.

We slept in these gers, which were comfortable enough. Inside they had full-sized furniture and we slept on beds that circled the inside wall of the tent.

The families fed us some meat broth and noodles for every meal. Not only was it boring, but it wasn’t very nutritional either. Of course, we survived, but it was definitely one of those trips that we couldn’t wait to get back and eat some real food.

I really loved Mongolia and would love to go back…by my list is so long!

Have you been to Mongolia? Did you traipse out onto the steppes? What were your impressions? Please tell us in the comment section.


  1. Corinne, it has boggled my mind to read where they literally pack their entire lives/homes onto a car or even harder yet a yak to move hundreds of miles! I also read an article in Nat Geo a few years ago that shared that…and then added, “all in 30 degrees below zero and no visibility due to weather.” Wowee… I’m so fascinated by it all and thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. I’m having such a good time reading about your trip to Mongolia! I left a much fuller comment on M is Mongolia. Boy I want to go back!

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