Malaysia Postcard

Malaysia Postcard


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I just love traveling in Malaysia.  I love that it’s warm in the winter compared to where I live, so it’s a nice break.  I love the food; noodles, rice, satay, curries, hawker stalls.  I love the smiles and the friendliness of all the people.  I just love it.  I’m trying to decide where to go over Christmas break this year, and I have to say it’s hard to say no to, well, all of Asia.

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Don’t forget our weekly link up to inspire others to get out there and discover the wonderful world of travel.  I read your posts all the time, and it inspires me so much.  Like I said, it’s so hard to pick where to go next!  Link ups open first thing Saturday morning for Weekend Travel Inspiration!

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  1. I’ve been to Malaysia fleetingly 35 years ago when I caught a local bus up the eastern coast from Singapore. I ended up at a beach somewhere which was delightfully tropical. Certainly I’m ready for a return visit, the question is when. I’ll have a look at some of your Malaysian experiences.

  2. Those are parts of Malaysia, I haven’t had the chance to explore, maybe one of these days, I’ll be back to explore those amazing islands and nature

  3. I enjoyed reading these posts from before I met you! We’ve been to Sabah and visited Sepilok and were similarly impressed. Since then, I’ve always had an “adopted” orangutan so I get regular updates. One of mine has been successfully rehabilated, but two have died so it’s not always successful.

    We also climbed Kinabalu. Never again! I was 9 years younger and fitter then so don’t think I could manage it now. Climbing at altitude is difficult – and it is climbing. Although there are steps, they are very, very steep. My knees almost gave out on the way back down. However, I was cheered a bit the next day to run into some of the young people we’d met on the mountain, and to discover that they were as stiff and sore as we were!

    1. Anabel, I’m impressed. The main reason we didn’t climb is that everytime we’re gaining altitude, we get headaches and are just plain grumpy. I like to be happy when traveling!

      1. That’s definitely a factor – and it’s unpredictable. Sometimes I have a bad reaction and John is ok, or it’s the other way round, so we’re not even grumpy together.

  4. I hope you have a chance to visit Penang which I had the immense pleasure of calling home for 3 years. I will admit, though, that after all that time spent in the tropical heat, I am looking forward to enjoying the change of seasons this year.

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