Lugo Roman Wall – UNESCO World Heritage Site

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The view from the Roman wall in Lugo

Lugo Roman Walls

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Roman fortifications are standing strong and tall in the Spanish city of Lugo. Surviving the last 2000 years, the wall and its towers are a lot of fun to walk.

We arrived there on a rainy winter day in February, and as you can see the sun kept trying to peek through the clouds. I was extremely happy to catch the view of this cornflower blue church across the street.

A short two kilometer walk takes you on top of the wall around the inner city with views of houses, churches, a cathedral and everyday life.  It’s fun and it’s free…what’s better than that?

Have you been to Lugo and walked the Roman wall?

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  1. That is exactly what I like to do and would follow your suggestion for sure here, Corinne. I love to get to a vantage point that has the best vista. I bet the surround view is absolutely amazing! Perfect framing of the church tower 🙂

    1. Mike…For a two kilometer walk, we were there quite some time, because the views were great and there were a lot of people. It was good ol’ plain fun! I’m sure you would like it.

  2. Lovely photo 🙂 I’ve never been to Spain, which is a little ridiculous considering that I’ve lived in the UK my whole life!

  3. Marisol. Lugo is a little out of the way, up in the northwestern corner of the country. It’s well worth the trip and the surrounding area is just gorgeous. I hope you get there!

  4. You know, I wasn’t even aware of this heritage site. Looks like one that would be fun and interesting to see, even for kids.

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