Lithuania’s National Snack! Fried Bread

You don’t have to be in Lithuania long to figure out what their favorite snack is.  I had never heard of this food before, let alone,  it being someone’s national snack.  When most of the western world has elevated French fries to the apex of snackdom, Lithuania just chomps away on its own slice of toast.

Lithuanian Snack Food

Have you figured it out yet?  It’s fried bread.  Yep, that’s it.  Fried bread.

Now, when some of us hear the title of “fried bread” visions of carnival elephant ears covered with granulated sugar comes to mind.  The American version, as in most American versions, is fatty and sugary, which, of course is…well, delicious!

So we were keen to give the Lithuanian version a try.  What was delivered to us was a savory fried bread.  This particular order was decoratively cut into triangles, apparently dipped in garlic and butter and splattered with cheese before being served to us.  We ate them with toothpicks.

Guess what, it is delicious!  How could it not be?  Did you catch the key words, butter, garlic, and cheese?  I think they are probably just as fatty as our American version, but they are in no way sweet.  We liked Lithuanian fried bread so much, I think we ate them almost once a day for the rest of our stay.

Here are a couple more delectable dishes you can find in Lithuania.  First is another take on dumpling called Cepelinai.  It is very large, stuffed with meat and covered with butter, sour cream and onions.  Yum!

Lithuanian Snack Food


And then there is a typical sharing dish, hard, brown sliced Lithuania bread topped with smoked salmon and a lemon wedge.  Delicious!

Lithuanian Snack Food

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Go to Lithuania, and give fried bread a try.  What national snacks have surprised you?



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