Lista, Norway – A Slice of the U.S.A and a Whole Lot More

Lista, Norway, ever heard of it? Neither had I.

Lista Norway

Visiting friends in the Farsund Municipality along the south-western coast of Norway, they intrigued us with tales of a nearby town that is very “Americanized.”

Lista is primarily a farming community, and the inhabitants have outgrown the land. With bad economic times off and on, they have up and moved back and forth to the United States. They have streets named in English, an American Cafe, a copy of the Statue of Liberty, and stores that sell American goods. We just drove through this part, but it was interesting.

Lista Norway

Lista has plenty of other things to draw tourists. There is an old World War II German base, a gorgeous lighthouse, and some ancient rock carvings similar to those found in Tanum, Sweden.

Lista Norway

Fort Nordberg

We started out at Nordberg Fort, dating back to World War II, which has a great interpretive center with information going back thousands of years. Apparently, one of the German officers sent to build the base had found some archaelogical finds and was able to preserve them. It also tells about the lives of the soldiers stationed there. Next you can walk around the base and see old buildings and gun mounts.


Penne Norway

We moved on to Penne, the sight of the megalithic rock carvings. Basically, just marked with a small sign and located in the middle of a sheep’s field, these rock carvings could be easily overlooked. In order to better see the carvings, they have been painted red, which is now not allowed anymore.

Lista Norway

Lastly, we headed to the lighthouse at Lista Fyr. Along the way, we passed an Alpaca farm and an art piece featuring John F. Kennedy. Odd. But, once we got there, it was great fun to explore the lighthouse and walk down by the rock beach to the newly built bird blind.

Lista Norway

A fascinating mix of cultures, old and new, made visiting Lista one of the most memorable days we spent in Norway. If you happen to get up that way, stop over. It’s worth it.

Do you know anyone that has been to Lista? Maybe a long lost relative? Let us know in the comment area.

7 thoughts on “Lista, Norway – A Slice of the U.S.A and a Whole Lot More”

  1. Kenneth Andersen

    My parents came from Lista after WW11. My mother from Lunde near Farsund and my father from Hassel which is between Vanse and Borhaug where the lighthouse is. I have been over several times. It is beautiful there. Just don’t go there in the winter. The wind from the North Sea is frigid.

  2. I think my grandparents came from Lista c 1900. We have an address in Lista but cannot find the correct postal code to send some letters to see if we can get a response. Can you help?
    Thank you!

  3. My great-grandfather was the lighthouse keeper there. His name was Andres To’nessen. I was able to visit in 1998. I think my grandmother would be tickled that her childhood home is now a tourist attraction.

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