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Letting the Path Find You - #wkendtravelinspiration

We’re often asked about our travel planning process. How do you decide where you are going or what to pack or even how to get there. For me travel inspiration comes from so many different sources. I love to read, so often times I yearn to visit the locales of my literary heroes, both the authors and their characters. If I could visit every port Jack Aubrey and Steven Maturin sailed to I would; Patrick O’Brien could really sell the setting. This has brought us to some far flung places like Malta, Mallorca, the Galapagos, and Borneo to name a few. I was also inspired by tales of Marco Polo, Ghengis Khan, and anything taking place in the far east. So our travels in Asia read like a silk merchants caravan map. It can be so easy to find inspiration for travel at least to get you headed in a direction.

But like Fuller says, sometimes you don’t really know where it is you should be heading until you get moving. I often give this same advice when asked about writer’s block. Pick up the pen and start writing about anything. Or for travelers, choose a location from one of your favorite books and get going. We’ll always get to a new place with an idea of what we wanted to do there only to discover that there is so much more that really calls to us. Always save some of your time for expanding your understanding of the area until you get there and meet the people and hear their stories. You’ll discover things that weren’t in the travel blogs and tourist guides.

On our journey through Mongolia we knew we wanted to leave the beaten path, wander through the steppes and experience the expansive beauty of the country. After getting there and realizing the stops along the way were open to our interests and desires, we discovered that what we really wanted to experience was the culture and lifestyles of the beautiful people we met along the way. True nomads living off the land and sharing everything they had with strangers. For me, we should have been heading to that small family’s yurt, tucked under a grassy hill under the largest sky I’ve ever seen, all along. We spent the afternoon with them, helping sheer the sheep, sharing our crazy mix of western and eastern food, and sipping fermented mare’s milk from the bucket passed hand to hand. These are the destinations we love the most and the real purpose for our travels.

So if you don’t know where it is you should travel to, just pick a location and go! Once you start moving in a direction, your true path will find you and the discovery will stay with you always.

Do you like to have an itinerary planned for all your travels or do you love to wander and discover as you go?


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Letting the Path Find You - #wkendtravelinspiration


  1. LOL. Is there a beaten path in Mongolia?? I would love to go (My son wants to visit the coldest capital city in the world) but don’t actually know anyone who has been IRL. I think those countries you visit are off the beaten path just by themselves.

  2. We start with an itinerary but it evolves as we travel. This year we are wintering in Mexico (after last year’s very expensive Asia, Australia and New Zealand).
    We started with 3 weeks in Mazatlan where we met up with some friends who offered some ideas about other places. We then went to Guadalajara for a couple of days which ended up being a week. We had rented a house in San Miguel de Allende for 33 days but arrived a few days later due to expanding Guadalajara.
    We are now leaving SMA a week early so we can spend some days in Guanajuato, Leon and back to Guadalajara before heading to Puerto Vallarta for a month. That has been reduced at the end already by a few days as we booked our flights home and had trouble getting the dates we wanted.
    I also know that while in PV we have some places we want to see which may encompass some overnight stays.

  3. I usually have a general itinerary for a trip, but on each individual day, if I’m traveling solo, I often deviate from the plan. I’ll have an idea of what I want to see, but I might see something else that I want to investigate on the way. I usually get to the original destination eventually, but often whatever I’d planned for the afternoon gets shifted to another day! And I love that feeling of freedom to change my mind as I go along!

  4. I think this is the reason why I love to travel by car, on road trips. If a turn looks interesting, we take it. If we spot something interesting from the road, we find a way to get to it. If a local tell us about a hidden gem, we took note and try to find the place.

  5. We choose our destinations quite randomly. Gordon has a desire to see an eclipse of the sun, so we go to Turkey. I read Somerset Maugham, so Samoa etc. However after that it becomes pretty random what we do and see. Serendipity, and I am sticking to that.

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