Lapping the Black Cat in Zell

After leaving one of our favorite cities in the world, we drove along the gorgeous Mosel river which is studded with imposing castles and fortresses and steep, steep vineyards.  Any given weekend, you can find a wine festival to attend and try the local product. On this particular weekend, we were heading to the town of Zell that holds a “long table” celebration every June.  Down the main walking road, each business adds a table and a booth for food and wine.  The table is estimated to be about 400 meters long.

Trying to park was the most frustrating thing!  We ended up down by the river with only about a 10 minute walk, which was fine.  We were spending the night in the town center amidst all the partying, and the next morning it was not a problem locating our car.  Even though parking was atrocious, it didn’t seem like there were too many people at the long table yet.  Many were eating a good meal before the wine really started flowing.  We did the same, and had a mediocre meal at the same place we stayed for the night.

When the sun finally fell behind the grapevined hill, the party really got going.  Along the entire 400 meters were wine and food stalls, and people crammed into every nook and cranny.  we tried walking up and down it, but there just wasn’t much space, so we basically parked it for the evening.  We tried many different wines from the town.  All of them have a symbol of a black cat on them in a different pose, and all were very tasty!  (If I remember correctly!)

The coolest thing came at 10:00.  A town crier stood at the fountain with his lantern and took whoever wanted to go on a short tour of the town.  He told the history and all about the town crier’s job.  I would suggest you do this…if you speak German.

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