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Lithuania: A Cultural Exchange
It's "L" Day for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

When we were given the chance to join an exchange group going to Lithuania, we jumped at it. A hosted exchange is the best way, by far, to visit anywhere. You have the opportunity to have cultural exchanges that go beyond the guide book. You can truly begin to understand the people and their way of life.

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Before our visit, the only thing I knew of Lithuania was from reading “The Hunt for Red October.” In that novel, the Soviet half-Russian, half-Lithuanian submarine captain defects with his state of the art ship. What we found in this former Soviet-controlled republic, was that much as the unlikely hero of that Tom Clancy novel, the Lithuanian people had clung desperately to their own history, traditions, language, food, and self-identity. And despite the odds, the country has survived Russian occupation. There are still many worries and difficult times ahead; but after our visit, I’ve no doubt this small Baltic nation will continue to grow in strength and national character.

It's "L" Day for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge


Have you been to Lithuania?  Do you want to go?


  1. Lithuania is not on my bucket list, although, like you it could be if an opportunity presented itself. Wonderful photo. I loved Moscow, and the architecture looks quite similar.

    1. Rhonda, I think the architecture is much richer in Russia, so much was worn down during the Soviet occupation in Lithuania. It really was a wonderful experience and a lovely country!

    1. Sandy, The exchange we did in Lithuania was a private teacher to teacher exchange. I’ve also gone on a Rotary exchange as an adult. Our advice is to keep your ears open and if anyone is offering an exchange, do it!

  2. I had a friend whose parents were from Lithuania, but he was raised in Venezuela. There’s a large Venezuelan-Lithuanian community I guess. Only through him have I wanted to visit the country.

    What a great experience for you guys!

    1. Thanks Ann, it was one of our best experiences. I never knew about the Venezuela-Lithuania connection. That’s probably a fascinating story. Guess we have another reason to get to Venezuela someday.

  3. I went to the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania and it was stunning. I highly recommend it. We crossed into Lithuania from Latvia and I just loved Riga and so also highly recommend Latvia. I have loved visiting the Baltic states.

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