Korean Shamanism Ceremony

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Korean Ceremony

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A Korean shaman dances in Andong.

We headed to Andong for a festival, and spent at least three hours watching this Korean Shamanism ceremony. My tail-end was sore, but I couldn’t believe how interesting and engaging the ceremony was. People in the audience were at once mesmerized or crying or bowing their heads in prayer. Even though I couldn’t speak the language, some parts of the ceremony were very moving. Other parts, were…entertaining.

They put on quite a show. From dancing, to balancing knives on their heads, to parading a dead pig around the stage, the show was never boring.

The only reason we left after three hours was that our stomachs were complaining as much as our bottoms. It was time to find something to eat, and just like the rest of the world Korean fest food is yummy.

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