Korea Postcard

Korea Postcard


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South Korea is a fascinating destination.  It’s a small country, so if you plan well, you can do pretty much everything in two weeks.  We lived there for three years and really enjoyed the sights, the people, and as always, the food!

Read below some of our favorite things we did in Korea!

World Heritage Site – Tripitaka

The Three Jewel Temples of Korea

How to Eat Shabu Shabu

Korean Ceramics – How to Buy the Best Pot

Korean Delicacies – Do You Have the Guts?

The Killer Trek to the Buddha of Health

K is for Korea


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  1. I would love to go to South Korea one day. Mr R travels there frequently with work so it might well be possible. And when I do go, I will be referring back to your blog for tips! 🙂

    1. Emma, South Korea is a fascinating place to go. It really doesn’t require much time, though if you plan accordingly. If your husband goes, maybe you could meet him and both take a two week trip while you’re there. Make sure you check out my post on eating shabu shabu if you go…for me, it’s a must!

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