Kerala’s Banana Chips

Kerala Banana Chips

We were in the Indian state of Kerala and there was one thing we kept seeing over and over again — Banana Chips!

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The first time we saw them, we basically were stopping at a roadside bathroom break on the way to our hotel.  There were about five stalls all selling little plastic bags of what at first seemed to be potato chips.  We bought some and immediately recognized our mistake.

Then as we popped a banana chip in our mouths, we expected a sweet dried fruit sensation.  No.  It was salty.  And really good!  As we usually do, we only bought one until we knew if we liked it or not.  So, in this case, we discovered we liked it after we’d already pulled away from the stop, and our six mouths devoured the tiny bag within seconds.  We were left wanting more!

We were in luck.  I don’t know why, but this particular place had banana chips galore.  There were vendors everywhere, and they were doing a booming business.  We loved watching them prepare them.  First they peeled the bananas, then they sliced and tossed them into a huge boiling vat of oil.

We couldn’t help but buy quite a few bags.  Needless to say, a couple days later when we left, we had had our fill of banana chips!

Have you discovered a surprising snack while you were traveling?


  1. You made my mouth water… i have actually tried those, very nice. I also tried dried bananas, it’s like a very dark, “pasty/chewy” taste i quite liked.

    On another topic, how do you set up a profile picture on WordPress, all i can get are icons???

  2. GREAT picture! Nice action shot 😉 I think the banana chips around the world are slightly different, but still a tasty treat!

    1. Lani, I never was much of a banana chip girl. I always thought they were just ok, until these. These sort of changed my mind, because they were so much different than I expected. I would definitely keep comparing them wherever I may roam…

  3. That sounds really good, I would prefer the salty over the sweet anyday! What an interesting find. By the by…no one made more visits or comments to my blog then you during the recent challenged. Think I already told you; but if not wanted to let you know I’ve added you to my blog log to share some linky love and to make visiting easier. I did that with my top visitors and commentors…but you win the gold star!

    1. Sandy, You are so sweet! You know I’m a teacher, gold stars are important! LOL! Thanks for adding me to your blog log. I don’t have one of those…hmmm….maybe I’ll figure it out one of these days. I’m a bit busy now with the end of the school year and moving…Take care!

  4. Even though I have never been to India, I love Indian inspired dishes. I follow one Indian lady on YouTube who posts some very cool videos on Indian potato recipes. Also, I appreciate the variety of vegetarian dishes Indian cooks create, since I am primarily vegetarian myself.

  5. We do exactly the same, one small bag at first. Two pop to mind, a sweet, toffee type treat in Evora, and a glass of Ginja in a chocolate cup in Obidos, both in Portugal. We are brave like you. We also liked durian. I am not so sure about salty banana, but I certainly would give it a try.

    1. Rhonda, As the girls grew up, our rule was you only have to take one bite and really try it to see if you like it. Sometimes even that was a little tussle, but really they would and still do try anything. Our small rule came about when we over and over bought a big one, because boy did it look great…and um. no. So, it works both ways!

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