Kaunas at Night

A view of the Lithuania city of Kaunas at night

Kaunas Night


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Kaunas is a wonderful city to visit. We did not have enough time there, but we did visit a few of the more key sites and even attended a basketball game.

Legend has it that a Roman emperor’s son who fought with his brothers too much, was banished to this place and he is the one who established the city and named it after him.

My favorite sight in the city was the old castle, built in the 14th century all but destroyed a number of times in the last six hundred years as Lithuania has been conquered by many different nations throughout their history.

We also enjoyed the War Museum, the Devil’s Museum, and the downtown area where the cathedral and town hall are located. It’s a beautiful downtown area with comfy and warm cafés to while away some time.

Lithuanian food is delicious, and we tried a number of new things like traditional apple cake, fried bread, and Lithuanian perogis.

Have you been to Lithuania? Kaunas? What do you recommend for people to visit?

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