Reflection #573 – A Boy, His Donkey, and a Precarious Load in Jordan

Jordan Donkey

Jordan is one of those countries that I just love to travel to. It has such amazing sights, fabulous food, and some of the friendliest people in the world.

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Jim and I stayed one night in the Dana Reserve, in an almost deserted village. There was the one hotel, and a few hardy families, but other than that the houses were all derelict and abandoned.

We walked up and down the rubble-strewn alleyways for a couple hours before our dinner was served, and we watched the comedy unfold as this little boy and his brothers came through.

His older brothers were on foot, tending the flock of goats who were doing there own thing and wandering all over the place. Meanwhile, Junior here, was having a really difficult time trying to drive his donkey and keep the metal food trough from falling. He juggled his way all the way down the hill and out of our sight.

This is one of the reasons it was so pleasurable to travel through Jordan. People still live as they have for centuries in the countryside. Yet, Amman is a thriving metropolis. I love these juxtapositions and seeing the real way people go about living their lives.

Have you been to Jordan? What were your favorite things?


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