Elaborate Jeepney – The Philippines

Experiencing riding local transportation around the world can be fascinating, like this jeepney!

Jeepney Philippines

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Figuring out and riding local transportation is one of those things that never seems to get old or easier as I travel. First, there’s the language to deal with, then the routes, price, and how a multitude of other small obstacles to overcome to get from point A to point B. It certainly keeps you on your toes.

I would say that riding a jeepney was one of the easier to figure out. First of all, they put their entire route with stops on the side of the truck. Most Filipinos speak some English. And the best part is that they usually aren’t any windows, so you get a good breeze as you’re riding, which is important in such a hot climate.

Not only are they fun to look at, but jeepneys get the job done.
Have you ever ridden a jeepney?

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