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Japan Travel Tips – Post Pandemic

Are you planning a trip to Japan? We just went and there are definitely some new etiquette rules post-pandemic. We tell you all about these and more, so that you can have the best time without looking too much like a clueless tourist.

In some ways, it seems the pandemic has changed travel forever. Hopefully someday in the not too distant future, we’ll be able to just jump on a plane without even a thought about quarantine, vaccination requirements, or testing. But until that happens, it is critical to stay current on travel requirements to international destinations.

Of course, Japan is no different. On top of the basic requirements for entry into the country, there are other factors to consider when planning a trip to the land of the rising sun. Things like where and when to wear a mask, cashless payment, and reservation systems have all been seen recent changes for tourists in Japan.

We’ll share all we’ve learned about these post pandemic topics as well as updated information on other basic travel tips to insure an amazing visit to this incredible destination.

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Here’s what’s in this article:

07:30 – Be ready before you go
16:45 – What to pack for a Japan trip
22:00 – Preplanning and making reservations
25:00 – Phones, sims, Pasmo, and Suica transport cards
32:30 – Post pandemic masking etiquette
36:15 – Public restrooms, baby rooms, trash cans, smoking areas
42:45 – A few things to remember when looking for hotels
50:15 – Some key Japanese language words and phrases
58:00 – Finding and using pharmacies
1:00:15 – Final thoughts

Planning a trip to Japan

There’s a little more to travel these days than just buying an airline ticket. For Japan, all visitors must either quarantine, provide results from an approved Covid test, or have proof of vaccination.

There are also travel restrictions still in place for visitors from certain regions. And once all of that is figured out, there’ still issues to consider like what to pack and making reservations for high demand activities.

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