J is for Jordan (A-Z Blogging Challenge)

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Jordan is waiting for you!

It's "J" Day for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

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It's "J" Day for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

The Middle East.  These tiny words can put a scare, a sense of discomfort, a trepidation in the hearts of many westerners.   Listening to the news, Americans have been conditioned to distrust people in the Middle-East, and Arabs, people who wear kaffiyehs. As I got on the plane to Jordan, I wasn’t worried. I was excited!  I was already living in central Turkey, not quite the Middle-East, but certainly not Western either.

We picked up our rental car, and after just a day in the capital, Amman, we hit the road.  We’re not really city people, so we try to get into the country as soon as we can.  We were immediately on two lane roads, occasionally stopped by some type of military-looking guards in random places.  My U.S.A. unsureness came back to me and I was a little worried.   The guard saw we were foreigners and in English asked us, “Where are you from?”

We never think to not tell the truth,  “America.”

A hearty,  “Welcome to Jordan!” was his response, and all the guards’ responses.  In the villages it was even better.  We were invited to tea.  One man walked us all the way to the right road to Petra.  We were met with wonderful hospitality, smiles, and frank curiosity.

We love Jordan!

Have you been to the Middle-east?  Jordan?  What were your impressions?




  1. Breath taking picture. I’m afraid I fall into the category you described…fear to be there. How wonderful that you were able to experience just the opposite. TV, and news does damage opinions. Corinne, I’ve had the hardest time finding your blogs. I’ve tried now several days running. The google plus pages show us visitors all the comments you’ve left elsewhere which hides your actual blog posts. Please leave the actual url to your blog when you visit so I can return your comments etc. I had marked you off yesterday, frustrated and decided after multiple tries I just wasn’t going to be able to find you. Then today, thought I’d give it one more try, so glad I did; but it took multiple clicks to get here. I wonder how many folks you’re missing because of that? It’s been my experience if it’s not quick and easy, most bloggers just move on. You can use the name and url option in the drop down box (which I think is the easiest to leave your actual blog url), or you can use a hyper link; but some folks have trouble with that. I’m going to add you to my blog log which will make the process easier for me, but wanted to let you know; as it will help others visits you to not leave the google plus page url. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Sandy, Thanks for letting me know. I think my comments and blogs have been a little messed up the last week because I was traveling. Hopefully this will straighten out. I’m so happy that you were so persistent.

  2. Snap! Both of us writing about Jordan! I was bowled over by how friendly the people were too. It is a fabulous country…I can’t wait to to show my husband the wonderful sights the country has to offer.

  3. Today is my turn to be jealous of you. Jordan is the top of my bucket list. We had a plan, and a guide and then we didn’t go. We were going to do about six weeks in Egypt, Israel and Jordan, but trouble broke out and we shifted our plan. I have been to Oman and UAE. I can’t wait to get back to the Middle East.

    1. Rhonda, Jordan is fantastic. While we were there a little trouble broke out, but we never felt unsafe. I think it kind of goes with the territory. We have been to UAE and stopped in Oman to take a few photos, but not to really see much. I need to go back. Enjoy!

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